Sunday, March 31, 2013

threesixfive, week 13

curses!!! i missed days again this week!! i dont know whats wrong with me.
focus, amy, focus.
here's what i got this week...

next month our theme in kids' ministry is about friendship, so i was tasked with taking a bunch of pictures of "friends" over the last couple of sundays. heres a cute one i got of colby and some of his buddies in sunday school.

ive been meaning to get some posters up in the school room all year, and i finally made it happen this week. i cant take pictures, but i can buy posters and staple them to my wall?!? sheesh.

the kids and i met my mom and memaw and pawpaw (my moms parents) in waco at the childrens museum there. theres an old settlers village out back, and memaw showed the kids how to use....whatever this thing is. it squeezes excess water out of clothes. i think.

bluebonnet pictures!!!!
i took colby and molly for their yearly pictures in the bluebonnets. they were very cooperative, and i got some really good shots. here are a few.
(for those of you non-texans, the bluebonnet is our state flower and its tradition for a lot of families to take pictures in them at some point while they're blooming, which is about a 2 week window)

no picture

we had a good friday service at church, and took communion. allen led one of the tables, and let colby help him. kind of a blurry picture. i had to be sneaky.

no picture

i hope youre having a wonderful Easter sunday!! my parents are on their way here from the dallas area to spend the evening with us, so we'll do our egg hunt, etc tonight.
have a blessed week, and make sure you link up below if you have pictures to share.


Kim said...

Love the bluebonnet photo tradition! I know you've had them in the past, but I didn't realize there was a tradition involved :)

Lots of good photos -- don't sweat the days you miss :) We're human!

Have a wonderful and blessed Easter!

sara said...

I miss the bluebonnets so much! I was just in Tyler with my daughter for an interview but they were not blooming yet really. Saw just a few. :(

rita said...

:-) buddies 'n bluebonnets
all so cute
:-( But, you makin' me feel old, girl,
growin' up we had a washin' machine with a wringer like that antique.

The Bug said...

My grandmother had a wringer washer on her back porch - but she didn't use it anymore by the time I came along. Her's was a little fancier than this one - ha!

LOVE the bluebonnet pictures - so cute!