Saturday, September 7, 2013

threesixfive, week 36

this was a nice, typical, predictable week. we had an added bonus of my parents and memaw coming down sunday night and staying until monday evening. dad and allen worked in the front yard most of monday on a project i'm so excited is finally done (yes, there are pictures). how about i let you see them??.....

every few weeks, colby has a science project due as part of the curriculum we're using this year. his first project was research on dinosaurs. he shared his presentation with everyone sunday night.

monday morning dad and allen got right to work! we had bushes in front of the windows there for several years, but they died last summer in the drought. we had them pulled up at the beginning of the summer, and as of monday i have a nice little patio in front of the house!

colby is learning all about classification, so one of his activities was to sort a stack of animals in as many ways as he could. i had to ruin a book to make that happen. :-/

allen brought the gaga ball pit into the youth building for youth wednesday night. the students (and adults) played for about half an hour, then a few worship songs and allens message. it was a nice change from the usual schedule.
that blur in the green shirt is colby, by the way. allen let him play with the 8th graders. :-)

mollys science project over the next week is to watch 2 plants; one we will give sunlight, and the other we wont. she'll compare the two and write a paragraph at the end of a week. plant A (pictured here) is our sunlight plant.

colby had a sleepover at a friends house and allen had youth pastor obligations, so molly and i had a night together. we watched an american girl movie on the couch and ate ice cream. thats my kind of date.

we had some issues with the kiddos today; arguing and disrespecting each other. allen had them look up the definition of honor and copy it down, then we talked about it and he and i shared examples of a times we've felt honored and dishonored. hopefully it sunk in.

and thats our week!!
i'm teaching an oil class monday evening, so i'm looking forward to that. i've been meaning to do another essential oil post for those of you that keep up with those. check back later this week for something.

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rita said...

eopeHng??Love your new patio!
And your cool school activities.

Have a great week!

The Bug said...

Cool new patio! I like it!

That's some good parenting right there - I'll be they DO remember the message (maybe after they start arguing & not before though).