Saturday, September 14, 2013

threesixfive, week 37

my focus and efforts on taking pictures this week is embarrassing. most of what i'm posting are pictures that allen took and emailed to me from his phone. :-/
now that we're back in the school routine, our days kind of run together and are all very similar, so there's not a whole lot happening that makes me want to run for my camera.i took several today, though, and i have a couple from thursday as well.
i promise to do better next week.
speaking of next week, i won't be able to post on saturday. we'll be on vacation in mexico. if we happen to have wi-fi at the hotel, i'll get on allens laptop and at least post the link, but if that doesnt happen, i just want  you to know why. i'll post it when i get back on tuesday.

a few pictures....

colby had his first martial arts class. he has mixed feeling about it, so we'll see how long this lasts.

for the anniversary of 9/11, allen had one of the youth workers whos an austin firefighter talk to the kids about his perspective. i didnt get to hear it, but allen said he did a great job.

we took family pictures today. i had a groupon to jcpenney, and the turned out surprisingly well. i didnt want stiff, posed, "church directory" pictures, so we were able to get some more casual shots. i'll post some as soon as i pick up the photo CD from them (when we get back from vacation)

after our pictures were done, we went by one of the city fire stations to deliver thank you notes to the firemen that allen had the students write at youth group the night before.

apparently today is cave day. there are a lot of underground caves and caverns here in central texas, and one of the cities near us had some of their private caves open to the public to tour. we got to see an indian cave and had a beautiful hike to go along with it.

i love how even though this tree fell, the roots are still connected, so the tree has started growing thicker branches out of its side, and theyre reaching up towards the sun. it makes a little canopied walkway. very pretty. 

allen and the kids had to walk across it, of course.

i dont know what these are, but theyre beautiful. there were bushes covered in them all along the path to the indian cave.

we also went down a 6 foot ladder, and then a flight of man made stairs into a cavern that was found as a neighborhood was being built. that was a pretty cool thing to see. 

thats our week!!!
sorry i didnt get a chance to visit y'alls blog world's this week. i had a kink thrown into the homeschool theatre class i teach, and i had to re-work everything i had planned for this week, as well as what i had planned for them to do while we're gone on vacation next week. all my spare time over the last several days was spent in front of the computer doing that. :-/
hopefully we're squared away and that won't happen again.

i hope your week was blessed and you have some wonderful picture to share.
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rita said...

Your cave exploring stories reminded me of the 'cenotes' in Yucatan, Mexico--sinkholes with wonderful water pools/ways to dive in.
Where are you going?
Have a wonderful time.
I certainly understand times when you can't get around to all the blogs.
Thank you for what you are doing.

The Bug said...

Ooh I love the cave outing! Right down my alley - I would have had to "walk the tree" too!

I'm going out of town too & was concerned about getting my P365 up in a timely manner next week. Now I won't sweat it :)