Saturday, September 28, 2013

threesixfive, week 39

we started our week wrapping up our vacation at the beach, and the rest of the week was spent playing catch up. i got some good pictures, though, i think.....

i didnt share this one in my "vacation post." there was a pretty crazy looking storm cloud that blew in sunday afternoon, and forced us inside from about 3:00 on. it looked really neat coming in though.

we left monday, but our flight wasnt until that evening, so we were able to play on the beach for a few more hours that morning.

a picture of a picture; this one we bought. there was a guy walking around with a monkey, and a lady taking pictures of people holding it/posing with it. we couldn't pass up the opportunity. it looks fake, but i promise, its a real monkey.

another picture of a picture. sorry. :-/
we had our family portrait done a couple weeks ago, and we were able to pick them up when we got back from vacation. this is a pre-framed one we had done for our hallway.

colbys first big punishment occurred this week. he lost two library books, and it finally came time to declare them lost, because we were at our limit of renewing. he has lost two weeks of library privileges; one for each book lost, and he had to give us what money he had to put towards the reimbursement fee. he's a very very big reader, so thursday was, like, his worst day ever. so why is the picture of all my blog books from years past? this is his reading material of choice. its actually been pretty funny, because a lot of the stories he reads to me (mostly about himself), and we get to laugh and relive it.

a couple that serve in the youth ministry had their first baby while we were gone. we were able to go meet her friday afternoon. precious.

i, along with one of my co-teachers, took a small group of our sunday school girls out to the lake this afternoon. space was limited, so we unfortunately werent able to take everyone that wanted to go, but we still had a good group and a great time.

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The Bug said...

LOVE the monkey picture - ha! And that storm rolling in is impressive!

rita said...

Love all your pics this week!
How did Alan like the monkey head massage?