Thursday, September 26, 2013

Unas vacaciones en familia

so. many. pictures. these arent even all the ones i took, but these are the best for sure.
do you like the title of the post? i thought it fitting since our vacation was in mexico. i admit i had to google a translator, though. i know enough spanish to ask where the bathroom is, and then be thankful for the directions. 
i just kind of threw a bunch of pictures on here, no particular order or grouping. 
enjoy the view! :-)

heres our hotel, the crown paradise resort in cancun. this is at the end of one of the pools looking back at one half of the hotel.

 here, i'm standing in the same spot, but looking to the right. we liked this pool because we could stand at this end and look down at the beach 

we haven't been to the beach in over 3 years, and even then its only been the gulf coast, which is, well, ugly to put it quite frankly. the kids just stood there and took it all in for an entire thirty seconds before jumping in.

 colby insisted on being buried. at what point are we no longer ok with sand being in and on every part of our body?? you would never get me to lay down in the sand, much less be buried in it, but i'm sure when i was a kid i would have been the first to volunteer.

AND, not to be missed, a video of colby in which he competed and WON a dance contest. we are now calling him an international dance contest champion. it was him, a girl from canada, a girl from mexico, and a boy from puerto rico. it came down, by audience vote, to him and the canadian girl, and he out danced her, of course. watch him get down.....

thanks for looking!!! 
see you saturday for the P365 post!


The Bug said...

That was a hoot! He has some moves :)

Those are GREAT pictures - makes me want to be there. My favorite is of their faces propped on the pool edge - too cute.

rita said...

Agree with Bug!
Colby a future SYTYCD candidate!

¡Vacaciones estupendas!