Sunday, November 10, 2013

threesixfive, week 45

i hope all of you had a great week. we had some cooler temperatures and more rain!!
i didn't get a picture sunday, but every other day is accounted for.
this is a week of molly!!

without further delay….

my parents and me maw drove down from dallas to take the kids birthday shopping. allen wanted a picture of all four generations of ladies together.

i was doing something in the kitchen and noticed colby and molly both sitting and reading quietly on the couch. this isn't uncommon, especially for colby, but its something i never tire of seeing.

when we were done with school, i went and picked up a friend for each of the kids to come over and play for a couple of hours. this is molly and her friend sarah.

we were blessed last minute with tickets to the SYTYCD (so you think you can dance) tour that was in cedar park thursday night only. i took the girl and we had a great time. we slipped out early because it was so late and she was exhausted, but i think we only missed the last couple of dances. such talented people.

happy birthday molly!!! she turned 7, and had a couple girls over for a sleepover that night.

allen had another wedding today (thats three weekends in a row!!), and i was able to talk molly into letting me fix her hair. hopefully she'll let me do it more often!

have a great week everyone!!!
link up if you have pictures to share.
i still haven't heard that anyone wants to take over P365 in 2014, so let me know if you're interested or if you have any questions.


Kimberly Hoyt said...

Crazy that Molly is already 7!
How fun to go see SYTYCD :)
I always enjoyed seeing my kids reading too. Especially when they "discover" books that I enjoyed as a child.

rita said...

Lovely braid.
So many fall weddings!
We took granddaughter to SYTYCD once, fun!
Kids reading, I love it!
MeeMaw is so tiny.
Happy birthday, Molly!!!
Y'all have an amazing week!

The Bug said...

Happy late birthday Molly! Her hair is really cute in the braid... Love that you took her to see SYTYCD :)

Sorry I'm late to the party - life has been crazy lately. I posted mine on Sunday but haven't had time to read blogs until today!