Saturday, November 16, 2013

threesixfive, week 46

another week has come and gone, and we're fighting off the junk around here.
i did something to my back last week, and i think because i was probably compensating on the other side, it has moved over. so i'm still hurting, just in a different spot. :-/ molly was feeling crummy the first part of the week, and then yesterday colby started hacking, and woke up wheezy this morning, so i've been slathering him with essential oils all day.
good times.
we did manage to squeeze in some shopping and a date night this week though, so there is that.
here are the pictures…

disciple now sign-ups started. this is a huge event for our youth ministry, and always very much looked forward to.

i felt strep coming on. Thieves oil knocked it out by the next day. these got me thru until then. they taste awful, but they're fabulously effective.

allen and i planned a much-needed dinner out. we ended up at a very nice restaurant in north austin, and this is what i had. holy cow. SO. YUMMY. texas peach barbecued pork tenderloin and some other stuff thats not nearly as important, but no less delicious.

we made a trip to the outlet mall to look for something allen needed, and ended up getting a few things for molly. that girl is growing way too fast. she wanted to put one of her new outfits on when we got home. colby is photo-bombing in the back.

colbys room: enter at your own risk….

allens step-dad's mom passed away this week at 101 years young. the funeral was friday, and allens brother eric flew in from canada. mom was happy to have her two boys under the same roof for a bit.

our church is celebrating its 20th anniversary tomorrow with a large outdoor (under a tent) service. my parents drove down for it, and we had worship rehearsal today to run thru everything with him and mom and one of the other former worship leaders. should be a fun time. i'm hoping to get some video.

have a great week everyone!!!!


The Bug said...

So sorry you guys have been sick! Here's hoping this next week is MUCH better for you...

Love Molly's skirt & Colby's photobomb - too funny :)

I'm sorry for the circumstances, but that's a great picture of Allen, his brother & mom!

rita said...

Do Colby's toys talk, play and rearrange themselves while he sleeps?
Great Allen-family pic tho it does imply loss.
Hope everyone is feeling better.