Saturday, November 30, 2013

threesixfive, week 48

i hope everyone had a blessed thanksgiving holiday! we certainly did.
here are the pictures from our week…

this is my high school small group i've been leading on sunday nights, minus one. our last meeting was sunday; i made them dinner and we played some games. they're a great group of girls.

this is what it looked like here from friday thru monday. we're grateful for the rain, but it kept us indoors for the most part.

allen found a blow gun he got for a white elephant gift several years ago. colbys had a lot of fun playing with it.

we went to my parents house for thanksgiving. she had gingerbread men for the kids to decorate.

allen was asked to carve the turkey. he did an excellent job!

what a good-looking' family!

we came home and promptly decorated the house for christmas. i love seeing all my santas out on the mantle.

let the parties begin!!! our church is participating in the round rock rotary reindeer run (say that 5 times fast) tomorrow night; a 5K thru our city's trail of lights. we have our homeschool co-op christmas party monday night. friday night we're going to a  murder mystery christmas party (costumes are involved). no doubt one or two other things will pop up as the week progresses.
'tis the season!!

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rita said...

Great idea, grandma, to have kids busy decorating gingerbreads!

P.S. Don't know why my blog linked twice ???

The Bug said...

Colby looks like someone from Jaws with that hoodie & his gun - ha! Love that pic of Allen & the kids! Your santas are making miss the mantle we had at our last place...