Sunday, November 24, 2013

threesixfive, week 47

it's so COLD!!!! we don't have snow like some of y'all do, but it's definitely winter. i'm such a weenie.
the weather change has been messing with colbys allergies, so we're fighting "the crud" and ear infections. i think we're finally on the upswing though. even with all of that, we still had a great week…

i think i actually took this on saturday at rehearsal, but i could've just as easily taken it sunday morning. this is one of the guys that plays in our worship band…well, just his arms, really. he plays all the really cool, slightly odd instruments. he's been a great addition in the last several months since he joined us.

molly had her last volleyball class, and all the girls were given a tshirt at the end. she was so proud!

i tried a new tortilla soup recipe, and man was it good.

i needed a turkey handprint for a thanksgiving video, so the kids helped me out. i'll post the video later today or tomorrow if i can. check back.

the ingredients for my favorite salad dressing; lemon juice, olive oil, and dijon mustard. and a pinch of salt. delicious.

it was a fort kind of a day. 

a friend and i went to The Market of Hope;  all the vendors sell fair trade products, most of them to rescue or support victims of human trafficking. i loved it! this tree was displayed in the center of the room. you can't see very well, but each ornament identifies a country that was represented in the market.

we stayed in out of the cold and rain today. tonight i'm making dinner for my girls' small group. tuesday evening we drive to dallas for thanksgiving!! i'll be back to post on saturday, though.
link up if you have pictures; only 5 weeks left to share!!!


sara said...

I make a Kale and brussel sprout salad with that same dressing and it is soooo good!!!

The Bug said...

That soup looks yummy! Wonder if I can get some myself this week? Can't believe the year is almost over. Have a fabulous holiday week!

rita said...

Love the Christmas tree and the first pic of musician has movement, is dynamic, vibrant!
May your week overflow with thanksgiving!