Monday, December 16, 2013

threesixfive, week 50

so, so, SO sorry i'm getting this up so late. i debated even doing it. it's been such a busy weekend, i'm trying to get out of town in the next hour, my kids have been fighting with each other all morning, and i don't even have all the pictures i should. i'm throwing this up in a super rush, so i'm sure there will be typos, and sentences that don't make sense. 

staff christmas party at our pastors house. this was allens white elephant gift he won, only to have it stolen by the worship pastors wife, then our media directors wife. he was bummed, but it will be super cute on her boys.

this was what i got for my gift at the party sunday night. its supposed to be chalkboard, but it wasn't working out that way, so i just used a silver sharpé and took a chance that it would look ok. i like it. :-)

rosemary potatoes with our dinner. so good.

no picture wednesday

allens mom and stepdad came to town to do christmas with us. colby got a snap circuit set he's been wanting. can you tell he was excited?

allens mom made some clip-on earrings for molly. she loved them.

my son is….odd.

no picture saturday
heading out of town, but i'll be back to post this weekend.
link up to share your week. only a couple more to go!!!

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rita said...

Thank you for doing this all year even in busiest of weeks!
I like what you did with your gift. Wouldn't mind having a sign like that in my laundry room or door.