Saturday, December 7, 2013

threesixfive, week 49

we had a pretty good week….except for my oven breaking. :-/ guess what my christmas present is! 
moving on…..
here are the pics!

several families in our church participated in the round rock reindeer run. its a 5k through our city's trail of lights. all four of us participated. we even ran a little.

molly confiscated my camera and took an inordinate amount of pictures. this was really the only salvageable one. not a great angle, molly girl.

our homeschool co-op had its christmas party tuesday evening. mollys music and spanish class both gave performances.

we spent most of wednesday indoors. colby and molly had a "secret club" meeting that afternoon in mollys room. they drank water out of coffee mugs and ate a concoction of goldfish crackers, chocolate chips, and pretzels.

allen brought this…neat??? tree home wednesday night, so the kids and i put it up in the guest room thursday morning. the guys think its awesome. us girls, not so much.

some friends of ours hosted a murder mystery dinner party. we all had to take mugshots when we came in. i was ivy the elf, suspected for the murder of jingle the elf. my motive? i suspected him of recently killing my husband tinsel, hence the forlorn look and runny mascara. i was innocent.

colby is on this new kick where he wants to take things apart, electronic things to be exact, and recreate things. so far he's been unsuccessful at the recreating part.

we get to celebrate christmas with my inlaws this week. looking forward to them coming up thursday morning. i have lots to do between now and then!
only a few more weeks in our 365 year! live it up, people!


rita said...

Innocent??? That's what they all say. ;-)

Molly already taking Spanish! Yes!!!

The Bug said...

I love their secret club meeting, Molly's selfie & that look on her face by the "lovely" new tree - ha! Great pics this week!