Sunday, December 22, 2013

threesixfive, week 51

my pictures are all over the place this week. i have multiple pictures on some days, and no pictures on other days, so its kind of a mess. sorry. :-/

i'm really loving the way the stage at church is decorated this year. my friend april did the chalkboards. they look pretty awesome.

i drove up to dallas to see my parents for a couple days and take the kids to medieval times…more on that in a minute.
this picture doesn't do it justice, but the moon was just gorgeous as i was coming into town that evening. the sky was a beautiful mix of blue and pink.

up where my parents live, they actually have autumn and have to rake leaves. colby and molly got out tuesday afternoon to…help.

tuesday night i took the kids to medieval times. its a dinner theatre, where knights reenact the tournaments and games they would've had in that time period. its what we've been learning about in history for the last month or so, and i thought it would be fun for us to see it in person.

the best part of the evening, was that our knight (the red knight; you're assigned a color to cheer for) won the tournament, and he and the princess picked molly to be the queen of love and beauty. she had her picture made with them, was introduced to the audience as the queen of the tournament, and she was given a sash and tiara that she got to keep. definitely a great night.

lunch with the family. we tried a new restaurant that just opened.

time for the christmas express (when we go look at christmas lights on our pajamas). the kids never know when its coming. we invite someone to join us that evening, so they just show up at our house with their tickets and colby and molly immediately know to go check their pillows for their tickets. this year robin and caitlyn went with us.

thats all i have this week. between christmas shopping, traveling, and just other various craziness, some days got overlooked. one week left to redeem myself.
link up below if you have pictures to share.
have a blessed and merry christmas!!!!


rita said...

A lovely week--fun history lesson turned memorable, and great idea with the surprise tickets to jump on the 'express'!
Beautiful sky!
Have a ¡Feliz Navidad!

The Bug said...

Gorgeous moon shot! Wow!

So thrilled for Molly - what a fun evening for you guys :)