Saturday, December 28, 2013

threesixfive, week 52

this is it! the last post of 2013! i'll probably get on and post the last few pictures of the year sometimes next week, but this is the last full week and last official P365 post. and in true 2013 fashion, i missed a day…..

we went to a coffee shop in austin that does a 15 minute light show at the top of every hour. we met some friends down there and had cider and hot cocoa and of course coffee. colby borrowed this hat from his friend adler. recognize it from a couple of weeks ago? allen was hoping to win it in the white elephant exchange at our staff christmas party.

no pic. christmas prep!!

for the first time in way too many years, we got a family picture after the christmas eve service in our nice clothes. we don't all look this good very often. ;-)

merry christmas!!! i made a traditional christmas dinner, ham and all. it was a hit!! pay no attention to the 'ugly christmas sweater'. its cozy.

kristen and her new husband jeremy (not pictured) were only in town for a day, so she and shayne came over to pray over colby and molly thursday afternoon. this is the 8th year they've come to pray a blessing over the kids for the coming year. we appreciate them still making that a part of their holiday.

for christmas, allen got us a dance game for the wii. molly played for about 2 hours on friday and was a sweaty exhausted mess. i can't remember the last time she fell asleep as quickly as she did that night, though!!

i got a very nice gift card to hobby lobby from my sweet husband. if you don't have hobby lobby where you live, i'm sad for you. we went this afternoon, and i got this pillar and bird for the mantle. i also got a new lamp, and have a little left…..decisions, decisions…..

thanks to the handful of you that stuck with me this year, and participated in P365. the novelty seems to have worn off, and there isn't anyone that has wanted to take the reigns, so this is the last of it i believe. i'll still post pictures and whatnot occasionally, so don't be strangers. i'd love to keep up with those of you i have met thru this project over the years.
enjoy the rest of 2013 and have a blessed new year!!!


rita said...

Nice family pics.
We have some dance games. Kids that come over love to play.
Thanks again for hosting this year. Sorry so many dropped out.
I will continue on my own. Hope you drop by and i will try to visit yours!
Keep up the wonderful jobs of wife, mother, teacher, etc. etc.!

The Bug said...

Love the family shot! That's a good one for the Christmas card (except that the kids will be so much bigger next year I'm sure).