Friday, June 6, 2008

and we're back

we managed to spend 3 days at the beach without getting sunburned, praise the Lord!

we had a great time. colby's week was filled with sleep-deprivation and sugar, but now that i think about it the sugar probably helped him stay awake for the late night activities!! :)
the seniors enjoyed having him around (i actually didn't spend much time with him because they kept taking him with them!), and he LOVED the attention of course. he got to ride a horse and play miniature golf and wave jump. alas no sand castles were built. i guess he was too busy.
this is the game-playingest group we've ever taken. we played games a lot, which was great cause allen and i are big game players too. if you've never played apples to apples you should. it's way fun.
wednesday night we ate at the crazy cajun-a senior trip tradition. they bring a bowl full of crab legs, crawfish (whole), shrimp (also whole), corn on the cob, sausage, and potatoes and dump it on the table. it's every man for himself and you just dig in, eat what you want, and carefully avoid what you don't--for me that's anything with its head still attached. no thank you. i'd rather my food not look at me knowingly before i bite into it. ick.
colby didn't eat any of the seafood but he enjoyed putting the heads of the decapitated crustaceans on his fingers like finger puppets and creeping out the 18 year old girls. pretty funny. he's his father's son. no doubt.
i got a great tan and didn't feel like a total fatty standing next to the skinny teenage girls-always a plus. allen started peeling from the sunburn he got the week before. he went out a few times though. i have pictures to prove it. :)
molly might possibly have had more fun with grammie than we did at the beach. not really, but when we got home my house looked like the disney store came over and threw up in my living room. as i predicted in my last post, they spent most of their week shopping.
i get a few days with her before we leave for youth camp on monday. such is the life of a youth pastors wife, and right now i love it. i may not so much when allen leaves in 2 weeks for mission trip and i don't get to go.

much thanks to our sweet friends matt and shelly who, having spent plenty of time with my kids, are still volunteering to take them while we're at camp!! i hope we'll still be friends when we get back. :)

here are some pics from this weeks trip...

a nutritious breakfast of powdered donuts.

told ya allen got out there!

riding a horse with ms jeanie
the shrimp head finger puppet
colby and mommy


Shelly C said...

I so need that picture of Colby and the shrimp head for my fridge! We are quite excited about having the kids next week... and nothing your kids throw at us will ever keep us from being friends. You have meet my kids right?

christi28 said...

it looks like ya'll had a great time. I'm with you on the "whole" seafood thing! I won't eat anything with it's head still attached! no way! love the pic's.

Audrey & Company said...

i love your new background picture!