Monday, June 23, 2008

toilet water

well, the adventures never cease, and my precious mojo never ceases to amaze me.
her new drink of choice? toilet water. don't read it again. i'm sure you read it right the first time. yes, i found my sweet, beautiful 20 month old daughter drinking water from the toilet with a plastic spoon. or would that be eating? like soup? thats a good visual....
i guess the upside is that it had been flushed (thank you colby).
colby had used the bathroom and i was in there to help him finish up (i.e. wipe his bottom). he flushed, shut the lid (again, thank you), and we were outta there. molly stayed behind, which i wasn't to concerned about. the lid was shut. there are safety locks on the cabinets. how much trouble can she really get into? right?
after about 10 minutes of being in the kitchen i realized i hadn't seen her since colby used the bathroom, so i went to check on her. i walked in right as she was coming around the corner of the little separated area where the toilet is, water on her shirt, dripping down her arm, spoon in her mouth. in two very large steps im at the toilet. the lid is open (definitely not how we left it) and there's water all over the seat. "ohhhhh molly. did you drink the water out of the toilet?" she looks at me with her big blue eyes and nods as though to say "yes ma'am, but aren't i cute?" i wasn't really sure what to do at this point. i didn't get mad at her, because technically she didn't know any better. i really didn't think this was something i needed to explain but apparently.....
besides that, quite honestly, i was speechless. toilet water from a spoon?? seriously? where do we go from here? i don't think i can put toilet locks on the toilets because i'll end up with pee on the floor (been there done that) as colby stands there and tries to figure out how to get the lid open. our bathroom door doesn't shut (stupid french doors), so thats out.
then i figured, hey my kid flushes the toilet, i flush the toilet, allen (usually) flushes the toilet. it's just water. toilet water.

anyone thirsty? :)


Shelly C said...

Oh Amy, it gets better each time I hear it! I love your kids they take me back to when Ethan and Serah were that age... remind me to show you the picture of Serah with the rubber lizard in her mouth.

Traci said...

I was waiting to see how that incident got described in the blog. Hysterical, as always. The stuff they come up with is amazing, isn't it?

Layna hasn't drank any yet (that I know of) but she definitely likes to play in the water. And unwind entire rolls full of toilet paper. Like enough to fill two Wal-Mart bags. And yes, I'm using it b/c I'm that cheap.

Could you keep the bathroom door shut w/ one of those childproof knob covers that she' can't but Colby can open? That's what's on mine! ;)

christi28 said...

oh amy, i SO know where you are coming from. i have a toilet drinking/ playing son myself! as soon as the bathroom door opens, he starts running straight for it!

Elizabeth_Lockwood said...

I don't think Timmy has ever tried to drink toilet water, but on several occasions, he has tried to turn and talk to me while peeing. Needless to say, I have to clean up "the boys" bathroom alot.

I will pray that your toilet water is always flushed :)

More Than Conquerors said...

hahahahaha....thats awesome. :)

Sounds like something my Bekah would do.

Merwin said...

That is the funniest thing I've read in quite awhile. That's awesome!

Mackenzie has the whole walking thing almost figured out, so our days are right around the corner. Between her and the dog, I'm sure we will lose a few gallons from our porcelain fountains.