Wednesday, June 18, 2008


thats the name of our new fish. sucky. it is a sucker fish , so i suppose on some level it is an approprite name. it's actually a chinese algae eater.

i wouldnt let colby get an actual sucker fish because they can get up to like 20 inches long or something. i'm not ready to sign up for that. especially since i'm the one taking care of colby's fish. so we're up to two fish now. sucky is getting along nicely with lady--our albino tiger barb who colby says is a boy. a boy fish named lady. fantastic.

today at the pet store the lady working there asked him what he was going to name his new fish. when he said "sucky" she laughed and said "i hope this fish lives 10 years!" i guess she was implying that it would be funny for a 13 year old guy to have a fish named sucky. i then proceeded to ask him (since we were on the subject of fish names) why he named a boy fish lady. his response? "because some fish are boys." i'm pretty sure that doesn't make any sense, but i'm not about to try and reason with a 3-year-old.

on another note, we made it back safely from camp and the kids were in one piece, or should i say 2 pieces. :) molly ended up getting a virus and my mom took her to the dr and paid $40 for them to tell her it's just a virus. gotta love that. i'm fairly certain my kids' viruses pay my pediatrician's mortgage. but i digress. she was fine by the time we got home and i am beyond thankful to shelly cook and my mom for being so awesome to take my kids for the week so i could go enjoy my other kids (about 50 of them).
camp was fantastic! 2 kids in our group accepted Christ over the course of the week. no major injuries or anything like that. i did, however, discover the fabulous sport of tetherball!! how i've lived 27 years without ever playing this game i'll never know, but i'm now on a mission to get one in my backyard!! "colby, get out here and play tetherball with your mother!"

allen leaves saturday for mission trip to paradise texas and i'll be staying here and working at VBS. i'm teaching music to the pre-k and kindergarden group. it should be lots of fun. i need to learn my music. kidding, shelly.

after that he's done and we can hopefully take a few mini vacations. we want to take the kids to sea world and down to the texas aquarium in corpus. i'd also like to go up to dallas and do the zoo and aquarium up there. we're into fish if you can't tell.

that about wraps it up.

until next time....


Shelly C said...

I knew a little boy that had a gerbil named A, yup the first letter of the alphabet... nothing else. This same little boy used to dress up with a tie, jacket, skirt, carry a pocketbook and a baby... when asked what he was dressed up as he answered "A mommydaddy" like that's the most normal thing in the world. I love kids reasons for everything. They are priceless. Can't wait to meet Sucky.

Audrey & Company said...

i think your blog entries just get funnier. you crack me up girl!

christi28 said...

maggie is very excited to meet sucky! you guys crack me up! i always have a smile on my face after reading your posts.