Monday, June 2, 2008

off to the beach

2 hours and counting...
we're going to the beautiful texas coast today--beautiful if your favorite color is brown, brown water, brown sand, brown seaweed. you get the picture. but it's the beach so you won't hear me complaining. colby is beyond excitement. he was ready at 7 o'clock this morning. we're actually going with the 12th graders from the youth group. it's their senior trip and allen and i tag along and call it a vacation. well, i call it a vacation. i love the beach. allen would rather be anywhere else, but he does look forward to hanging out with the seniors so it's not a complete loss.
last time we took colby he was 1 & 1/2 and hated it. he hated the sand under his feet. he hated the water. too hot. too cold. but now he can't wait. mimi and papa took him down to the coast back in febuary i believe and he had a great time playing so we're hoping he's remembering that experience and not the one previous. i'm hoping to see some crabs and a washed up jellyfish or two. he knows more about marine life than anyone i've ever met personally. this kid would rather read "The Complete Guide to Sharks and Rays" than Clifford or Curious George or whatever other 3 year olds are reading. seriously, we own that book.
my mom is staying with molly so we don't have to mess with nap times and early to bed.
i am so grateful. she'll have fun with her grammie. i think they're going shopping. you're never too young to learn about a good bargain.

sunscreen? check. sand toys? check. camera? check.
off we go!


christi28 said...

sounds like fun amy! colby will love it! ya'll be careful and wear your sunscreen!

will colby is sunday school or will ya'll still be gone?
love ya friend!

ps - 24 hr fitness is where i'm working out :)

christi28 said...

i must be loosing my mind. not 24 hr fitness. anytime fitness. as you can see, it has really left an impresssion on me. i can't even remember the name of the place!

Shelly C said...

Amy, you guys have a great time... enjoy it for me. As much as I loved the mountians I'm such a beach girl. Maybe some summer we'll have to take the kids down ourselves and leave the grumpy beach tolerating men behind. :)

KALDesign said...

Have fun! and if your mom is anything like I am about my "babies" she and Molly will have more fun than you. :>)
I will be watching for Beach pictures of Colby when y'all get home.