Saturday, June 21, 2008

traveling tips from a 3-year-old

we woke up this morning and allen was getting ready to leave for mission trip. colby helped him pack up his last few things and then sat down on his lap and said "daddy, i need to tell you something." this is how it went.......

allen: "yes, colby?"
colby: "daddy, you need to wear your hat (puts hat on allens head) so the sunshine doesnt shine on your head."
allen: "thank you colby."
colby: "don't look at the sun because you'll get spots in your eyes." (or go blind)
allen: "ok, i wont look at the sun. anything else?"
colby: "yes. make sure you dont get any fire ants on your nose, because they bite."
allen: "no fire ants on the nose. got it."
colby: "fire ants like grass."
allen: "yes they do."
colby: "so don't go in the grass. just stay on the steps because fire ants like the grass. and carpenter ants like grass and carpet, but they're nice. ladybugs are poisonous, but they're nice too." (i'm not making this up)
allen: "ok, thank you. i'm going to be driving one of the church vans. do you have any tips about me driving?" (at this point we wanted to hear what all he could come up with)
colby: "be careful on the road. watch out! don't run over anything nice. doodlebugs are nice. watch out so that you don't run over any doodlebugs."
allen: "so i can't run over nice things, but i can run over mean things?"
colby: "yes, like fire ants. they bite. and be careful of people walking across the road. they'll back up so you can go forward." (i'm sure the numerous pedestrians on the highway are grateful for this one)
allen: "ok, got it. is there anything else?"
colby: "ummmm, yes. be sure to take this with you (pats suitcase)."

when we got to the church to 'see them off' allen was giving some last minute instructions and what not to the group when colby pipes up, "i have something to say." allen said, "ok, colby, go ahead." colby with a very serious look on his face addressed the whole room of about 50 or so students (or big kids as he calls them) and their parents. "make sure you drink water so you can be living."

i couldn't have said it better myself.
we'll miss you daddy.


Elizabeth_Lockwood said...

How precious Amy! You should totally send this to "Kids say the Darndest Things".

KALDesign said...

I can just picture this conversation in my mind as if I were there. And I know Allen was doing all he could to keep a straight face, listening with such intensity that Colby felt he was the most important little boy in the world. You are a GREAT DAD, Allen. Thanks so much for sharing this with us.

The Day's said...

This is awesome. I love it. It sounds like you have one very creative little boy :)

christi28 said...

oh i just love it when little ones talk like this! i can see him ans allen sitting there having this conversation! out of the mouths of babes!