Monday, October 6, 2008

flashback--my most embarrasing mommy moment

i read another blog called Bring the Rain on a regular basis. it has blessed me!!! i would highly recommend it, from the beginning, along with a box of kleenex.
the sweet author of this blog, angie, shared one of her most embarrassing moments as a mommy and it inspired me to do the same. this happened back in the spring and i've never blogged about it (i wasn't blogging yet at the time), but its definitely worth sharing.

colby, molly, and i were headed to houston to visit mimi (allens mom) and take a trip to the houston zoo. we stopped at mcdonalds on the way for a bite to eat and colbys toy was a doll with a purple afro (some of you may remember the american idol dolls that played music. there was an oriental one, and african american one, and emo-ish one, etc). he said to me
colby: "mommy, i want hair like this."
me: "colby you can't have hair like that."
colby: "why not?"
me: (thinking.....) "because you're white."
colby: "no i'm not."
me: "well, not exactly. you're actually kind of a peach color, but we call that kind of skin white. people with hair like that are african american. they have dark brown skin."
colby: "are their bones white?"
me: "yes everyones bones are white."
colby: "where are some african americans?"

so i start to look as we're driving, for a car with an african american in it. keep in mind, we're not so completely sheltered that my son has never seen a black person. he's just never noticed before, and we don't have any close friends that are black for me to say, "your friend so and so is an african american." i'm looking....
i don't see any and the subject is dropped.

fast forward to the zoo a couple days later.
there are more buses in the parking lot than i've ever seen in one place and most of them are full of predominantly black children. this does not seem like a big deal to me.
we've been at the zoo all day. we've been seeing black people all day. we're on our way out and colby is walking behind me with his mimi and i hear him yell, "mimi! i found some!! i found some african americans! there they are right there!!!!" i turn around and he's pointing and shouting at a small group of preteen black girls who absolutely don't know how to react to this blond very white 3 year old boy who is acting as though he's just discovered some long forgotten treasure...or a starbucks in rural west texas. they kind of laughed it off (lucky for him he's adorable) and when i crawled out from behind the concrete pole i had quickly disappeared behind, i explained to him that we dont point at people, and under no circumstance do we ever scream someones race or nationality at them. ever.

no incidences since then, thank goodness.
but, there's still molly, and you can bet she'll do something just as fabulous.


Casey said...

I could see where that story was going long before it got there. That is freakin' hilarious! Thanks for my laugh of the day. :-)

Shelly C said...

I love me some Colby!

KALDesign said...

another smile for Adler's Gammi

The Day's said...

Oh Amy...I would have died! That is hilarious. You're right - at least he's super cute. Think about how ya'll will laugh about this one day!

Tex said...

Best Colby story ever.

Elizabeth_Lockwood said...

The first thing I thought of when I read this was, "Does Colby know what "race or nationality" means?" HAHAHA...I know that if I said that to Timmy he would be like, "What?!?!"

Too cute Amy! I am really glad that you blog faithfully! I miss everyone in Texas so much! I need to start blogging again too. Until next time.. :)

Traci said...

I have tears in my eyes I'm laughing so hard.