Tuesday, October 28, 2008

happy birthday!!

we celebrated the kids' birthdays on saturday.
today is actually colbys birthday; he's 4. molly will be 2 on the 8th.
we had their party at petland-not petco, not petsmart. petland. its a much smaller version of the other two, but petland actually sells pets, whereas the others typically do not. when i say pets i dont mean fish and birds. we're talking dogs, cats, hamsters, ferrets, bunnies, guinea pigs, and a few reptiles. its very cool and theres a party room in the back. you get the room for an hour and a half and they bring you whatever animals you want to play with , 2 at a time. the kids sit in a circle on their bottoms (yeah right) and each has their turn to love on whatever is in the room at that moment (usually looking for a corner to hide in, poor things).
we saw all kinds of puppies, 1 kitten and 1 bunny. we didnt really get any great pictures of that with all the kids running around and such, but there are some cute ones from the cake and present time.
the first pic is of colby and his best bud evan at the zoo last week. they're so cute!

this was taken while everyone was singing 'happy birthday', you cant tell as much in this picture, but she was soooo excited that everyone was singing to her! too cute.

obviously he was really happy about this gift--the Toy Story figure set from the disney store.


christi28 said...

we had so much fun! happy birthday kids! love y'all.

The Day's said...

Molly looks like she's having the best time! Too cute :)