Saturday, October 25, 2008

halloween cake- seriously?

colby's poop has had a really odd blueish color to it for the past 2 days. i honestly think it's diluted black icing! sooo fun fact: black icing makes your poop blue.

you can find a cake for every occasion these days. colby and molly received their first ever halloween cakes this afternoon. mimi and papa came in town for a birthday get together. the kids' party is this evening, and they didnt want to be here too late, so they drove in this morning and we did presents with them followed by lunch, and then they headed back to h-town.

in addition to the birthday presents, colby and molly each got a halloween bag (think easter basket, but with halloween stickers and such rather than eggs), and a halloween cake. what color do you think the icing is on a halloween cake? that would be black. why would someone ever put black icing on a cake--especially a cake for a small child? at any rate the cakes were super cute and enjoyed greatly. well, molly hasnt had hers yet, but i'm sure she will love it. here are the results of an almost 4 year old eating black icing....
if i let him dress 'goth', i suppose this is what it would look like. for a split second, i think allen honestly thought i had put black lipstick on our son.
thank you mimi for the memories...and the mess. :)


KALDesign said...

I think I will start praying now....he is enjoying those black lips way too much. LOL

KatCurlee said...

That is hilarious...Jillian ALWAYS finds my black sharpies and "paints" her toenails. She says, "Mom, they're BEEEAUUUtiful!!!" Goth...that's where it's at baby...(cringing...)