Friday, October 3, 2008

juice box overdose

colby learned yesterday that if he wants something, he can get away with it if i'm trying to take a nap.
yesterday i woke up early to go to my thursday morning workout class (5:30am). by 2 o'clock i was super tired so i laid down to take a nap while molly was taking hers. colby, being almost 4, is pretty trustworthy and good at playing by himself, so i dont worry about him getting into anything on the occasion that i decide to take advantage of that 2 hour window to catch a little shut eye myself. :)
he came in not too long after i had dozed off and said he was thirsty, so i told him to get a bottle of water or a juice box out of the fridge and bring it to me so i could open it for him.
now, juice boxes are usually reserved for picnics or the occasional preschool lunch box surprise, but i didnt want to get up to pour him a glass of half and half (juice and water), so that was the other option. bad mommy, i know, i know.
he didn't come back in, so i figured maybe he got caught up doing something else between my bedroom and the refrigerator. i fell back asleep. about 45 minutes later he comes in and says, "mommy, i'm drinking all the juice boxes!"
i mumbled something like, "one more and you're done," and he left.
fast forward about 2 hours later. mollys awake. i'm in the kitchen getting dinner ready. nothing unusual really. then, i open the trash can to throw something away, and see this...

my son managed to suck down 4 juice boxes in less than 2 hours. not completely surprising i guess, but something he's never had the privilege (or opportunity) to do. i didn't think he could open them!
he walked in just now and saw this picture and said
colby: "whoa! look at all those juice boxes!"
me: "yes, colby. you drank all of those."
colby: "yeah i did."
me: "why did you do that?"
colby: "i was soooo thirsty. hey, one fell to the bottom."

ok, so make that 5 juice boxes in less than 2 hours.

and a new adventure we're experiencing here in the frans household; molly has figured out how to get out of her crib and usually decides to do it sometime between 1 and 4 am. then stands at her door and screams till we come rescue her. she also did it this morning when she woke up. allen was sitting on the couch with colby and heard her knocking from the other side of her door to be let out. she also climbed out as soon as we put her down for naptime today. so allen may be taking the side panel of her crib off tomorrow (it turns into a daybed).
this is not a battle i'm ready to fight, but i figure if she's going to get out of bed anyway, we might as well remove the possibility of her breaking her arm in the process.
i'm sure i'll have more to blog about this later.

in the meantime, don't drink too many juice boxes. :)


christi28 said...

that crazy kid!! i am surprised he wasnt binging off the walls!

billy climbs on everything but he has not figured out that he can climb out of his crib yet. praise the Lord! i am not looking foward to those days. i'll bieng praying for you guys through this transision.

how's her arm?

love ya!

Audrey and Company said...

she jumped out again? darn! she is definitely about to turn two. cannot wait to hear how the big girl day bed goes.... love ya!

Traci said...

So is she in a "big girl bed" now? How is she doing? I about lost my mind when I put Rylan in one, so I'm waiting as long as possible for Layna. Fortunately, she hasn't climbed out of the crib yet.