Wednesday, November 12, 2008

i think i'll go to africa!

tomorrow is the big day! my ride is picking me up in 12 hours (that would be 4am). i didn't realize 4:00 came twice a day. i'm not sure i've ever actually seen 4am while coherent (feeding a newborn doesnt count).
at any rate, i will be in africa in 48 hours. very cool.
for those of you that dont know, my dad and i are going to ghana, africa to serve at an orphange. it's not really an orphanage like we think of third world country orphanages.
it's a rafiki village. yes, the children there are orphaned, but they are well loved and educated at a school there on the grounds. there are 7 cottages, each with approximately 10 children and a mamma that raises them and takes care of them. it's an awesome ministry.
some friends of ours have been there as long term missionaries for almost 3 years. we'll be staying with them and doing different things around the village, such as tutoring, teaching some 'extra-curricular' classes, playing games, and working in general--pretty much whatever they need us to do.
i'm sooo excited and am looking forward to working with the nationals, doing some sightseeing and just lovin me some little african babies!
i'll have plenty of pictures when i return, i'm sure.
sad to say, i will probably not be blogging until around thanksgiving. we return to the states on the 25th--the tuesday before thanksgiving.
i will have access to a computer a few times to send out email updates, so if i'm able i may post once just to let everyone know how things are going.

keep us in your prayers and our family who we're leaving behind for a couple of weeks, specifically my sick kids. we've had no more vomit, but they're very snotty and just generally pitiful. i'd appreciate it.
much love!!

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christi28 said...

sweet friend,
i will be praying for you and the sick kiddos, and of course allen! be blessed!

love you!

Amy said...

Be safe and be blessed!


The Day's said...

Can't wait to hear how it went!