Saturday, November 1, 2008

accident number three...i think

soooo, colby just had another 'accident' on my bathroom floor. this one, however, was oh so different.
allen had just stripped him down to get in the tub (yes i realize its 4:45, but theres a sitter coming over and i dont want her to have to do it, and they stink so it cant wait till morning) and he went on his way. a couple of minutes later he came out and allen says,
allen: "colby go get in the bathtub."
colby: "i had an accident."
allen: "what did you do?"
me: "he probably peed on the floor." (no big deal, i think to myself)

time passes and no sign of them, so i go back to assess the damage and see how i can be of assistance.

me: "did he pee?"
allen: "he pooped."
me: "what?"
allen: "on the floor."
me: "WHAT?"

i walk over and sure enough theres poop on the floor (actually on that little rug in from of the toilet). gag.

colby: "it was just an accident mommy."
me: "why did you poop on the floor??"
allen: "he was standing to pee and had to poop too, so out it came, i guess."

i start giggling to myself. it is funny. i'm imagining my sweet boy, who hates to dissapoint, standing there to pee (he's finally tall enough, so i gave him the 'ok' to do that) and suddenly he realizes he has to poop too! what should he do? oh, crap. literally.
bless his heart.
i couldn't be mad. i kept hearing, "it was just an accident, mommy."

i'll post halloween pictures soon. :)


Audrey and Company said...

I am speechless. Poor Colby and poor mommy for having to clean it up!

Traci said...

That kid gets himself into more laughable situations. Of course, it's mostly funny when you're not the one who has to clean it up! :)