Monday, December 15, 2008

as promised

is anyone having trouble signing up to follow my blog? i've had someone tell me they've tried to 'follow' and it's not letting her. i wanted to see if it's just her or if others are having the same issue. so become a follower...if you can, and if you can't let me know!

drumroll please...........

wait for it.....

....wait for it....

AAAAHHHHHH!! did it scare you? check out my chins. thats my favorite.
this does not even do it justice, but it's the best i could get.
i would have liked to stand next to it so you can see how big it is, but i wasn't about to ask anyone to for that favor.
i had yet another person recognize me at the gym today.
"hey is that you?" she asked, pointing to that monstrocity of a window treatment (i.e. me).
i admited to being guilty as charged, but was quick to point out that i would have voted against that picture had anyone asked me. i also made sure to mention that i was still carrying some baby weight at the time.
i checked with zach on the 'them not asking my permission' thing, and apparently when i joined i signed some kind of waver giving them permission to publish pictures of me. smart. they must have known no woman in her right mind would consent to having a life size picture of herself working out plastered anywhere, let alone the main hallway of the most popular gym in round rock.
not that i would have the heart to tell them to take it down had that even been an option. i'm sure they spent a bundle on that thing.
their loss.

just to make myself feel better, here's a cute picture of me and april at our youth worker christmas party last night. april is married to zach--the one who would not ever take such a horrible picture of me.

april is an art teacher at a middle school, and we were talking last night about what kind of art projects she does and the messes they make and how the janitors hate her, specifically when there's glitter involved. and justin says, "glitter is the herpes of art supplies. it gets everwhere and just keeps spreading." crack me up! i have filed that away and will most definitely use it again next time the opportunity presents itself.

i would like to leave you with the lyrics to Go Tell it on the Mountain, as colby sings it...

Hope tell it for the mountain
over the hmm n evrmherrr
hope tell it for the mountain
that Jesus is the hooorrrrrnnnnnn

thank you. thankyouverymuch.


Coach Mom said...

Wait? What? I didn't know that we signed a waiver! No wonder everyone wears makeup to the gym. And has their hair fixed. I thought it was just a Texas thing! That changes everything!

Liz said...

Sorry about the pic. But you DO look AMAZING! You have worked hard and it shows!!!!

I love it... "That Jesus is hhhhoooooorrrrrnnn" is precious Amy! That Colby is just too cute!

Love and Miss you!

Dawn said...

That's why we have a home gym. Anyone who takes a picture of me at THIS gym either gets arrested or grounded. Or both. Ha ha.

Hey... I've tried to "follow" you and I can't. Is it just me???

Dawn said...

Yippee!!! I'm a Frans Clan follower!!!

PS - We LOVED your Christmas card - great pictures!

Rachelle said...

I love your sons little cute! It should be a sin to let cameras in the not nice....

Traci said...

You should put a sticky note on the bottom of the window pic that says "Disclaimer: I was 8 weeks post-partum in this pic. I look smokin' hot now." Hey, you signed something saying they could post gigantic pics of you, but I bet you didn't sign anything saying you wouldn't put a disclaimer on it later!

On a side note, I'm not a memeber there (as evidenced by the 15 pounds of "baby weight" I'm STILL carrying around,) but do you think they'd let me in just to take a look at it in person? :) Just teasing. You look great, even 8 weeks post-Molly.