Tuesday, December 9, 2008

communion and the joy of passing gas

i'm trying to figure out how to lay this story out for you to appreciate the fullness of its humor.
i'll just start at the beginning...
being a youth pastor's kid has its perks i suppose. allen is in charge of making sure the communion table is ready for services every sunday morning.
** we're southern baptist, but we have a table off to the side at the front of the worship center available for people to take communion. it's there every week.**
we never know how many people will choose to come do this, so there's always leftovers. a while back colby somehow figured out there was juice and crackers up there, so he started eating and drinking the leftover communion elements. maybe a bit sacriligious?
this is how we justify it; colby, before he eats or drinks any of it must say "thank you Jesus."
he takes it a step further and bows his head with his eyes closed before every drink and every bite, and prays those words. it's really cute and has become a weekly 'sideshow' of sorts for a handful of our friends that choose to stand around and visit rather than shoot out the door to lunch at the close of worship. when molly was old enough she got in on the action, and we explained to her the same conditions.
fast forward to last night. molly is sitting on allens lap as he's reading a book to her, and she lets out a toot. she has very good manners (surprisingly) for a 2 year old and always says excuse me, unpromted, after burping or tooting, but this time she didn't. so like any good parent allen asked, "molly what do you say?" we're both expecting the obligatory "excuse me." instead she looks at allen, and in all seriousness says, "thank you Jesus."
maybe tooting gives her the same emotional and spiritual satisfaction that taking communion does.
maybe she was having some indigestion and was thankful for the release.
maybe she was just confused.
at any rate, we didn't correct her.
if she wants to thank Jesus for tooting, then by all means.
i've been thankful for it before, too.


Liz said...

How cute! I remember watching Colby do that every church on Sundays. It was so cute to see him bow his head and say Thank You Jesus before every sip of juice and every bite of cracker. You need to start writing a book of all the things that Colby and Molly say...they have some good ones!

Love ya,

Amy Waldron said...

Oh my. . .this is hilarious! Isn't it great to thank God even for the little things?!?!?!?!

Be Blessed,


BrandyJ-jeremiah29:11 said...

I am dying laughing right now. You know, the kind of ridiculous laugh when you snort. Yep, that's me! Any-who, thanks for continuing to blog these stories about Colby and Molly. Jace and I get great enjoyment out of them all and we can't wait to see what they say next. Oh, and I would have loved to be a fly on the wall had you given Allen the Dennis Leary book. That would have been hilarious! Blessings-B