Wednesday, December 3, 2008

blame it on your brain

colby has recently been blaming things on his brain. it's pretty cute, so it gets him out of potential trouble on occasion.
yesterday he was coloring and i heard him...

colby: "c'mon brain! c'mon!"
me: "colby, what are you doing?"
colby: "my brain wants to get out of the lines!"

there was another time when allen had told him to do something (i believe i was busy in africa) and he didn't. when allen asked him why, he said something to the effect of, "my brain didn't want to ."

so if you're cute, and don't want to do something, or perhaps you've made a mistake that could get you into trouble, just blame it on your brain. it works for my 4 year old.

we're not to far from having some molly posts on here. she's talking very very well, but most of the time she's having a fit or telling me no.
i don't know what to do with this child. is it a girl thing or a secong child thing? or a little of both? or maybe just her temperment? i'm talkin' screaming and flailing for seemingly no reason.
i told her to pick up her toys before bedtime the other night and she threw a fit. i counted. she still didn't pick up, so i swatted her. she still didn't, so i swatted again. then i left her in the room with her door shut "until you pick up your toys." when i went back in she still hadn't done anything. i said, "molly please pick your toys up." her response? "NO!" so allen went in.
she never picked up her toys. i put them in the top of her closet and told her they would stay there for 2 days.
this was wednesday. on saturday she asked for them, so i said,
me: "molly, are you going to pick them up when you're done playing?"
molly: "no."
me: "ok, then we're not getting them down."
...a few minutes later...
me: "molly, do you want your toys?"
molly: "yes."
me: "are you going to pick them up when you're done?"
molly: "no."
me: "then we're not getting them down."
...a few minutes later...
me: "molly, do you want to play with your toys?"
molly: "no."

more of the same on sunday.
they're still up there.

if she would have just blamed it on her brain....


KALDesign said...

Oh my goodness. One's brain "doesn't work" and the other one is working too good. Mommy, what are you gonna do if they ever gang up on you? LOL

D said...

I've been blaming my brain for years!
thanks for visiting my blog. I love yours.

Finchers said...

My second child has an iron will, and I find myself in much the same predicament with her as you described with Molly. When she was 2, I used to think it was just the "terrible 2's". Now that she's closer to 4, and hasn't really changed all that much, I know it had nothing to do with her age, and everything to do with her temperament. I recommend Dobson's "Strong-Willed Child" if you haven't read it already.

Reunion said...

hi mamafrans. i am stephanie, a friend of allen and eric's from highschool. to answer your question, it's a little of both. my oldest (11) is hard headed, strong willed, a control freak and the sweetest thing ever. her brother (9) is the same way minus control freak and if he had been born first, he would be an only child. i think the LORD gives us children like this to grow us. one day when they are 30 or 40, we will figure how or what we were supposed to get out of the lesson!! :-)