Wednesday, December 17, 2008

its not about cupcakes

colby had his mothers day out christmas party today (sooo cute!), so i loaded molly up, headed to the school, and tried to keep her from being a distraction for an hour and a half. i must say, though, it's so nice having family upstairs--for people that don't "know" me, colby goes to school at the academy at our church. my husband is the youth pastor, my mom is his secretary, and my dad is the worship pastor, so my kids are right at home up in the church offices (on the 3rd floor of the school)--mom took molly up with her to eat her nuggets and apple dippers while i stayed down in colbys room, so that bought me about 20 minutes. thanks mom.
colbys teacher, ms brandy, pulled me aside and asked me if colby had told me about getting upset on monday. he hadn't.
one of the kids was celebrating his birthday, so the class had cupcakes at lunchtime. the options were superman and batman. colby was given a superman cupcake, but wanted a batman cupcake. this was step 1 towards meltdown, so he was whining, but no totally over the edge yet.
then the little girl across the table, feeling sorry for him and wanting to be generous, offered him her batman cupcake, but only after she had licked batman off the top of it. well, that did it.
ms brandy said he lost it; flailing arms, sobs, melt down. so she went over and picked him up and walked around the cafeteria with him, trying to calm him down, and asked
ms brandy: "colby, what was it? was it not having batman? was it because she licked it? what?"
colby: "this is not the true meaning of christmas!"
ms brandy: (trying not to crack up, i'm sure) "no it's not."
colby: "it's not about cupcakes. it's about Jesus."

well said son, well said.


2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Oh, you know he was trying to be so brave and grown up about it, bless his heart. As they grow older moms can still see through some of the facades that their kids wear in life, like when they're too proud to admit they didn't know something, or when someone hurts their feelings and they pretend it didn't hurt. Sigh. Mothering is so bittersweet.

Amy Waldron said...

How sweet and oh so true!

Be Blessed,

Amy (Honestly)

BrandyJ-jeremiah29:11 said...

He is funniest kid I know and now, the most spiritually sensitive! I just love him! Merry Christmas to the Frans family! Mrs. B