Saturday, June 13, 2009

back from youth camp; project 365, week 24

well, another fantastic week at youth camp has come and gone.
i came home exhausted as always.
for the first time in several years we were not the biggest group at the camp, which was very different for us. usually we have no problem getting seats all together in worship and dominating the tournaments during free rec, as well as morning rec games, but this year there was another group almost twice as big as ours, so our students (and sponsors, too for that matter) had some adjusting to do. it was a great week, though. in our group we had 2 salvations, 1 'wake up call' (i dont like the term recommitment), and 1 decision for baptism. there were many many other decisions made in other groups as well.

i got a call from my dad wednesday morning at 3am that mom was on her way to the e.r. with molly, who had been hacking pretty bad, was having trouble breathing, and had spiked a pretty high fever. after sitting wide awake for a few hours, i got the call that she had been discharged around 6am with acute croup.
we went back and forth over me going home or not. i wanted to be with my sick girl, but i also wanted to stay at camp. i knew i couldnt do anything that mom wasnt already doing, but i was struggling with thoughts of 'am i a bad mom if i dont go home?'
i had my bags packed and was ready to go, but mom told me i was fine to stay, that she had it under control.
her issue, which i totally understood was having to give molly breathing treatments. that is, if she would have had to give her treatments every few hours (i guess that would have been the case had the croup been in her lungs), i would have had to go home and take over. they gave her two while she was in the e.r. and she fought them pretty hard on it apparently. fortunately she made it out with a prescription for an oral steriod only, and directions to not get overheated.
we got home friday around 130 and i was sooo ready to see my kids! i went straight to moms house to pick them up. colby was running some fever when i got there, and had been since the day before. it's still been popping up in the evenings, but so far thats the only symptom.
molly is much better. shes still having about 1 coughing spell a day, usually in the evening as well, but her fever is gone and her appetite is coming back.
we'll hopefully get back to normal (well, normal for us) pretty soon. the kids and i are done for the summer. allen still has vbs (in a week) and mission trip (mid-july), but i'm not involved in those at all.

here are the project 365 pictures:
sunday, june 7th
in all the laundry and unpacking and repacking i neglected to take a picture on sunday.
i dont even have one i can pretend i took on sunday.
moving on....
monday, june 8th
a hot attraction at camp every year is the blob. unfortunately sponsors are not allowed on the blob for insurance and liability purposes, so i have to enjoy it from afar.

tuesday, june 9th
killin time in the dinner line.
this is tori. she teaches 9th grade girls' sunday school with me. shes awesome!

wednesday, june 10th
last year at camp i discovered tetherball and couldnt get enough of it.
monday on the way to camp i realized i would get to play again this week!!
i didnt play as much as i would have liked to, but i still played a lot.
i must admit, i got schooled. i need to practice a little bit before camp week next year.
allens cousin and our youth intern justin is going to make me a shirt that says 'tetherballa'.
i will wear it with pride. and often.

thursday, june 11th
something we do every year, and its become a favorite of mine, is on the last night of camp allen invites the camp pastor and band to come to our church time. we have them sit in the middle of the circle and the kids surround them and cover them with prayer. its our chance to 'fill their buckets', so to speak after emptying themselves out for us all week long. the students all pray at the same time, so a chorus of prayer fills the room. very very cool.

friday, june 12th
this was shortly before allen unloaded the car. thats my luggage, his luggage, and the kids' luggage. the kids of course we at my parents', and at camp allen and i are in different places so we take seperate everything.

saturday, june 13th
allen is the camp director every year. this year, in addition to the director responsibilites, he spoke twice every morning. the campers are split up into two groups to make rec easier, so 1 group does rec while the other does morning worship, then they switch.
i caught this picture of him this afternoon. i cant imagine why he would be tired.....
oh, and last week i mentioned my 10 year reunion was this weekend.
its actually in 2 weeks.
i have no idea how i got so confused as to think it was 2 weeks earlier than it actually is, but that is the case. so thats why i mentioned it last week, but have no pictures or mention of it this week.
thankfully i talked to my friend haley friday afternoon and she was able to inform me that i'm an idiot. otherwise i would have shown up at the non-existent party friday night and wondered where the heck everyone was. wouldnt that have been the perfect end to my week???


LuAnn said...

Looks like a great week at camp.
We have Youth Ralley s every summer which looks the same. Very rewarding to watch the kids faith grow in the week. And the new friendships that are made.

Blessing on your week!!!!

tiffany said...

Looks like a fun time was had by all at camp, love that blob!!
Hoping your kiddos are 100% better soon.

sara said...

it never gets easy to be away from your babies when they are sick. my daughter was in the ER during college and it was horrible being 8 hours away!! praying they get better quickly!!

I love camp!! and I LOVE the blob!! Was a blast that is!

glad you figured out about your reunion....but it would have made good blog fodder!! :)

Lisa said...

That's awful that Molly got so sick while you were away. Tough being far away when stuff like that happens.

That picture of the kids praying is amazing, beautiful.

Kim said...

Glad the kids are doing better. It's so hard when they're sick and you're far away. But grandmas are quite competent -- we survived, didn't we? :-)

Also glad for the good week at camp. Last photo cracked me up. Y'all need a catch-up-on-sleep-missed day :-)

Have a great week!

skoots1mom said...

what fun you had!

TCKK said...

Looks and sounds like a great week of camp!!!