Saturday, June 20, 2009

project 365, week 25

this week was pretty mellow. the kids were still trying to get over whatever they came down with while we were at camp last week. both of them were kind of in a funk until wednesday and then i kept them in the rest of the week 'just to be safe'. saturday was really our first day out of the house as a family since we got back from camp last friday! sheesh, talk about stir crazy!!

SUNDAY, june 14th
no church for us today. allen went of course; its his job. the kids and i stayed home and spent most of the morning doing puzzles.

MONDAY, june 15th
colby didnt get the croup molly had, but he came down with a summer cold or something that wiped him out. our a/c (house, not car) broke late sunday night, so we couldnt really stay in the house. 98 degrees outside? no a/c? no thanks. i took them over to my moms and we hung out there until allen was able to get someone over to the house to fix it.
on the way home about 4 o'clock that afternoon, colby fell asleep in the car. i unloaded him and brought him in the house somewhat awake, but he laid down on the dining room floor, crazy kid, and took a nice long nap; and he went to bed just fine, so i know he wasnt feeling well.

TUESDAY, june 16th
they were both feeling pretty good today, so i let colby go to his t-ball practice under the condition that he take it easy and observe more than participate. i think he was excited to get out of the house for a little bit. he and allen wore their matching round rock express baseball hats to practice.

WEDNESDAY, june 17th
another homebound day, but we did get out and take a walk. molly has been on a rainboot kick. she wears them with everything. if only we could get a little rain to go along with the boots....

THURSDAY, june 18th
allen got me tickets to Wicked for my birthday!!! my friend casey and i drove to san antonio, had dinner on the riverwalk, and then walked a block to the theatre for the best show i've ever seen!! seriously, if you like theatre at all you have got to see this show if you have the chance. wow!!!!

FRIDAY, june 19th
this is hush puppy. molly found him in my bottom drawer and between the two of them, he's been carried around all over the house the past couple days. he was mine (technically he still is) when i was a little girl. i think its cool that i still have some of my old toys that my kids can play with now.

SATURDAY, june 20th
colbys first t-ball game!! he did a great job and wasnt 'that kid' picking flowers or bird watching way out in the outfield. he did play in the dirt a little bit when there wasnt much going on, but he still got a pretty good hit and even caught a ground ball. good job, buddy!

there is quite of a bit of excitement for me in the coming week, but i'm not going to let on to anything just yet. i'm leaving wednesday morning and will be back sometime saturday or sunday i think. i'll be away from my computer, so you'll have to check back here for the scoop (and pictures) next weekend!! :)


sara said...

seeing him asleep on the floor was so cute!!! Sorry they've been so sick!!

I am going to see Wicked next sunday and taking my family!!! I saw it in chicago 3 years is my all time favorite!!!

Now I am so curious...can't you give us a little hint?!!!

Dawn said...

Glad everyone is over the yuckies! We leave for our family vacation in the morning. I'll be anxious to see your update when we return next Sunday night!

An American Idol tryout?? Or, maybe So You Think You Can Dance???

Whatever it is... be blessed!

TCKK said...

Your son on the floor asleep was so cute! Don't you just wish you could sleep like that just anywhere?

skoots1mom said...

our family so enjoyed wicked...
it was so different from our expectations
hv a gr8 week

Dena said...

Cute pictures!! I would love to see Wicked. I heard it's coming to our area this next Winter and I so hope it does!

I'm glad everyone is feeling better. No fun being sick when it's nice outside.

Lisa said...

It must have been nice to have a little downtime this week after the weeks you've had.

rita said...

Camp really wiped you out!
My grandsons were or are at camp.
Wonderful times, hopefully/prayerfully spiritually impacting times.
Now I'm interested in Wicked, will keep my eyes/ears open.
And I'm very curious about your surprise!