Tuesday, June 23, 2009

go to a movie, get free gum

we took the kids to a movie a few days ago. colby does mostly perfect. molly does.....well, shes two. she does as good as she can i guess, and its definitely not quite the waste of money it used to be. anyway, so we're in the movie and i look down and see molly chewing, like really chewing on something. i hadnt given her anything to eat, so of course i'm curious.
me: "molly, what are you eating?"
molly: "gum."
me: "i didnt give you any gum. where did you get the gum?"
molly: "on the seat."

wow. so...many...thoughts.

1)thats disgusting.

2)that cant possibly taste good.

3)how long has it been there?

4)how old must a piece of used gum be for the germs to no longer be germy?

5)i bet its gritty.

6)thats disgusting.

7)shes had it in her mouth for an undetermined amount of time. the damage has been done. do i even make her spit it out?

8)germs build immunities, right?

9)thats disgusting.

10)Jesus, protect my baby girl.

me: (offering my hand) "spit it out."
she did. no questions asked.

i never had that talk with my kids. i guess i just thought that was a given; you dont eat gum off the bottom of the movie theatre seats.
she probably thought, 'wow! a movie and gum? this is awesome!'

alright, people, give me your best gross thing your kids have done.
i might reward the best one! :)


sara said...

LOL!!! that is great. so many stories to choose from....let's see...when cleaning out the poop can (dog poop) one spring with the hose, my boys (7 & 9)decided to have a poop war. By the time I realized it, they were both COVERED in poop from head to toe and we had a poop lake on our driveway!!! ya, the neighbors were NOT happy and started closing their windows!!

Mama Belle said...

Yuck! I'm sure she'll be OK.

My youngest has stored stacks of Ritz crackers behind the toilet for later. Now, that's disgusting. That was her hiding place. Seriously. You'd think she could have thought of a better place.

Nel said...

That is too funny. I could see my grandbaby doing that. lol

Julie said...

I don't have any gross kid stories, I just want to pipe in and say, that's disgusting! But I could so see Molly doing that, and along with your (seemingly) calm response, it cracks me up!!! Seriously, how do you stay so calm?

Lisa said...

I know...sometimes they do things and all you can think is "Wow". I'm sure germs must evaporate off gum in a matter of hours. :)

Dawn said...

Burrito once licked the bottom of his shoe - heel to toe. My stomach still turns when I think of it!