Saturday, June 6, 2009

back from the beach and 365, week 23

we got home late last night from a week at the coast.
monday thru thursday was 'senior trip' to port aransas. we go every year and spend a few days relaxing, playing games, etc.
this was mollys first time to the beach and she loved it! thats an understatement really. she just could not get enough of the ocean. she liked jumping over the waves more than anything, but also did her fair share of hunting for seashells and building sandcastles.

thursday morning we packed up and while the rest of the group headed home, our family headed to south padre island. back at easter, allens mom gave the kids a gift of a pirate ship adventure cruise as well as money for our hotel stay and souveniers. since we were already down that way for senior trip, we extended our time away to include the pirate adventure. we thought we were only an hour away from south padre, but it was actually 3 hours. we found a great hotel on the beach and got a pool/beach view room. the beach and water were absolutely amazing!
we used to go to south padre every year when i was a kid, but its literally been about 20 years since i'd been and i'd forgotten how beautiful it is there.
after a couple of hours on the beach and some pool time at our hotel, we cleaned up and headed to dinner.
on our way to the pirate cruise, we got a phone call telling us it had been cancelled due to low attendance. that kind of put a damper in our evening, namely because we had two sets of big precious eye balls looking up at us, wanting to know why we werent getting on the boat. another issue was that our next option was the first cruise out the next day from noon to 2pm, but our plan was to leave the next morning around 11am. we didnt really have much choice. it was either do the noon cruise or come back another time (a 16 hour round trip) on our dime, which we cant particularly afford to do. we considered doing the friday evening cruise (they offered it to us for free as a replacement for the one that got cancelled) and staying another night, putting us home saturday evening, but allen leaves sunday for youth camp, and still had some things to take care of back home. saturday would have just been cutting it too close.
so we went back to our hotel and did the pirate cruise on friday at noon, left at 230 and got home a little after 9pm friday night. it was a loooong trip and we've all been pretty cranky (us) and whiny (the kids) since we got home.

now i'm doing laundry and getting us all re-packed for youth camp. allen leaves tomorrow after church to head down there and get everything ready. i'll take the kids to my parents house tomorrow evening where they'll stay till friday when we get back.
the rest of the group leaves monday morning.

to top it all off, when we get back from camp friday, i'm heading to my 10 year high school reunion. i'll be tired, but at least i'll be tan.
you get a few extra pictures this week since i took about 100!! :)

SUNDAY, may 31st
colby wanted to get out a hit golf balls sunday afternoon (a first for him, i think), so allen took him out in the backyard for a very short lived golf lesson.

MONDAY, june 1st
we were on the road during mollys naptime. it took her a while to fall asleep, but when she crashed, she crashed hard. attractive, yes?

TUESDAY, june 2nd
our first full day at the beach, and boy was it full!!
we rounded it out with a sunset dolphin watching cruise, which was a change from our usual horseback riding on the beach (and half the price!).
some friends of ours have a vacation house down in port aransas that my parents happened to be staying at this week as well, so they met us tuesday evening. the kids loved getting to see grammie and papaw.

WEDNESDAY, june 3rd
miss jeanie (the 12th grade sunday school teacher) is a master french braid artist. molly saw her braiding some of the other girls' hair and wanted hers done too. she looked so cute with her hair braided, so i'm under 'orders' from allen to get french braid lessons from jeanie at youth camp.

THURSDAY, june 4th
our hotel had a very long boardwalk from the pool down to the beach. it was so pretty!
molly crashed after we went swimming thursday afternoon. she missed her nap, so it ended up being a good thing. no way would she have made it till bedtime without a power snooze.

FRIDAY, june 5th
we checked out of our hotel and went to a small rescue center for sea animals. the kids got to hold a starfish and feed hermit crabs. it was a lot of fun and right up colbys alley.
then on to the big pirate adventure!! before we got on the boat we had to wait out on a covered patio, so they had a fire master do a show for us. he really freaked molly out, so i had to take her back inside. if you look closely in the picture, you can see molly and i watching from the window.

SATURDAY, june 6th
home again, home again jiggity jig.
time for laundry.

one week down, one to go, then we slow down a bit. well, at least for a week.


TCKK said...

Such darling pictures of the kids. The handlebar mustache is so cute. Looks like you had an awesome week!!!

Lisa said...

Wow! I guess you did have some adventures. It kinda stinks how we parents bear the responsibility when something happens out of our control, like the cruise being cancelled.

Your kids are at such a great age for the eating sand! :)

I like the one of Colby's shadow next to his name in the sand.

Have a great week at camp!

tiffany said...

Great pictures, glad you were able to do the pirate cruise afterall, looks like they enjoyed it!
I grew up just a little way from South Padre, sure do miss it.

LuAnn said...

Great Pictures. I love the ocean and can tell your kids did too.!!
Enjoy next week!

sara said...

love the picture of colby's name in the sand and his shadow!!

what a fun week and right into another fun week.....good thing you are young!! ha!!

Have a great time!

Amy said...

Looks like you had a blast! Can't wait to see pictures for next week!

Dena said...

I used to love when our kids would crash during vacations. To me, it was their way of letting us know they were having a great time.

The lighthouse sunset is gorgeous!

Your kids are adorable - including when wearing braids and mustaches. :)

Susan D said...

What fun! Your pictures are fabulous. Blessings, SusanD

Kim said...

Y'all packed a lot into the week! Lots of great photos; it sure looks like fun. And exhausting! Pray that you survive the next couple crazy busy weeks and then things settle down some for the summer?

Have a great week!

Dawn said...

Sounds like a Welch vacation, too!

I always make a picture of the kids at the beach with the year written in the sand - that way no trying to remember how old they were 20 years from now. And, I also make a picture of Larry and the kids laying in the surf together. Same pose, every year. It's fun to see the differences as each year passes.

Thank you for going to camp this coming week. I know you say you love it (I think you're nuts to do it! Ha!) - but I am so thankful you'll be there with Kat and her best friend, Myra.

I'll be praying for all of you this week!

(PS - the word verification below? "beast" *giggle!*)

rita said...

Enjoyed catching up on your two full weeks of summer fun! Such darling kids!
Your camp stories reminded me to pray for my grandson who is at camp this week.