Wednesday, June 17, 2009

what do you sweat?

have you ever heard the expression 'i'm sweating bullets'?
i don't say it, but i hear it often. i think part of living in the south is saying weird things that dont seem to make any sense, but if you research them (because, really who doesnt?) theres some obscure story that explains why we say things like 'i'm fatter than a tick on a coondog!'
yeah, we really do say those things.

the other day our ac in our house went out. in the summer. in texas.
i guess the good news is that its june, so its only hitting about 98 degrees in the afternoons.
if it were july or august we'd be well over 100.
it went out sunday evening but we werent positive that thats what had happened. allen and i just kept saying how hot the house was. when i cranked it down to under 70 that night and we were laying in bed sweating, i realized the ac was probably broken.
the next morning i was trying to get the kids and myself ready to get out of the house until someone could come fix it, and colby said
colby: "i'm sweating balls!"
me: (after i stopped laughing) "i think you mean bullets."
colby: "no, i mean balls. i'm not big enough to use bullets."
makes perfect sense.
it also begs the question, how old do you have to be to use bullets?
we dont hunt or shoot things recreationaly (or non-recreationaly for that matter), so who knows what he thinks about 'using' bullets. i didnt go there with him.
i was just trying to keep everyone from slipping in the puddles of sweat on the floor on our way out of the house. thats a little exagerrated, but it was hot.

are there any 'weird' things you or your family says that you dont quite know what it means?


Dawn said...

Colby just cracks me up! LOL

My Granny use to tell us kids to behave or she would "jerk a knot in our tails."

How do you jerk a knot? What tails? LOL

I love to say it to my kids just to watch the expression on their faces. Of course, now that they are older the expression usually implies, "Mom, you're such a dork." And sometimes they actually say that. Ha!

Sara@i.Sass said...

I loved this post. I'm trying to come up with something we say up here. And no, it really isn't yeah, you betcha. I've NEVER said that.
Who put a quarter in you? and
You got ants in your pants is all I got right now, I say it to my kids and have NO idea why.
I'm gonna start using the knot in your tail one though!

sara said...

I agree....jerk a knot in your tail is one I am going to use!!

Amy said...

When the boys get loud we tell them to "shut their soup cooler".

Ok, that's all I got! LOL!


Lisa said...

I wish we could average our temperatures out...we are unseasonably cold here, right now it is 63 out. Average that with your 98 and you get a perfect 80 degrees for both of us. No heat or AC required. Sound like a plan? :)