Saturday, October 10, 2009

project 365, week 41

what a week, what a week!
i'll get right to the pictures.

SUNDAY, october 4th
on the way to church sunday night i saw a turtle crossing the road. i couldnt stand to leave it, so the kids and i saved the say and performed a turtle rescue mission. theres a park with a duck pond right by the church (i'm sure thats where he was coming from), so we returned him to the grass by the water. mission accomplished. we were a little late to church, but i think thats an ok reason. :)

MONDAY, october 5th
i looked back at the kids in the midst of all our monday errand running and saw this.....

TUESDAY, october 6th
we finally started blocking some of the scenes this week. yay!! this is what makes me excited about the show. this and dancing, which we havent done much of yet. hopefully soon!

WEDNESDAY, october 7th
colby started running fever when we got home from church. he went from normal to 102 in about half an hour. i called my best friend lauren whos a pediatric nurse practitioner, and she did not have good news; first sign of swine flu.

THURSDAY, october 8th
i took colby to the dr. at 9:30am and they put him on tamiflu to treat for swine flu. 104 fever and very red sore throat. i got home and found molly curled up in daddys lap. at 2pm she was fine temperature wise. by 2:45 it had shot up to 103. back to the dr. same story for her. i'm the proud mother of two swine flu kiddos. yay for that.

FRIDAY, october 9th
we literally laid around all day. what else are we gonna do, right? i did manage to take a shower but other than that my day pretty much looked like this.
SATURDAY, october 10th
a cold front blew in last night making the weather appropriately fall-ish. allen got the autumn decorations out of the attic and the kids helped me decorate the house for fall--my favorite season!!!

the kids are feeling much better. i havent had to give them anything for fever today, and the 'breathing issues' that are supposed to go along with swine flu seem to be staying away thus far. i'm hoping we're done.
we're supposed to leave tomorrow afternoon for houston. allens brother and his wife and daughter are visiting from canada and we had plans to stay a few days to see them since we only get to do so once a year at the very most. with the flu bug in our house, though we may not be going till monday or tuesday. the kids have to be fever free for 24 hours before we can do anything of significance, so we're praying that they will remain fever free for the rest of the day and tomorrow as well. that will make them officially 'well'.

have a great week!!!


sara said...

yea for the turtle...I am sure he is forever grateful!!!

we had the swine flu here too, although mine never got the high fever...maybe because he is older. But much to my surprise it didn't last long!! yea!

Lisa said...

Bummer the kids got sick...I know how that just basically stops all of life.

The one of the kids holding hands in the car in precious!

LuAnn said...

WE had the swine flu last spring and just Phil had it.
Had relatives visiting from Dallas at the time. He was stuck in the family room with no contact.
Love the picture in the back seat.
You asked about my pizza burgers.
1 lb gr beef browned,1 can pizza sauce, oregano, garlic salt, 1 cup of water. Simmer till thick. It Refrigerate. Then spread on hamberger buns and sprinkle with Mozzeralla Cheese, bake at 350 for about 15-20 minutes.

Anonymous said...


please make us those yummy sounding pizza burgers that miss LuAnn told you about. we will be really good and follow directions.


colby and mojo

Shelly C said...

Amy, I am convinced that the image of the kids holding hands are the kinds of things that Mary treasured in her heart, I thank God for the moments he gives me to affirm our choice to keep them in close contact with each other, usually it sounds like a pair of clucking hens as they fuss at each other and then I see them full of joy as they play and laugh and teach each other and I am in awe at what He is doing in my kids lives. Love you guys!

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

It's the funniest thing...I kept thinking throughout this post that you were a Texas girl...and I was right! :-) Me too, from the roots anyway.

I think what you and your kiddos did for the turtle is very sweet and thoughtful.

And the pic of them holding hands in the backseat is just precious!

Ewwwww on the swine flu. Yuck. Nothing is more miserable than when the kiddos are sick.

Hope you get to go on your trip!

Kim said...

Oh, do hope the kids stayed fever free and you were able to spend time with the family!

Loved the picture of the kids holding hands - how precious!

The only time my son ever wanted to snuggle was when he was sick; your photo brought back some memories :-)

Have a wonderful week!

rita said...

Such a great mommy and sweet kids.
Hope you are all feeling better by now. Blessings on the rest of your week!