Sunday, October 25, 2009

project 365, week 43

what a beautiful week!! cooler weather, a little rain; its actually feeling like fall. maybe it'll stick around...or not. this is central texas.

SUNDAY, october 18th
i dont know what it is, but something about the fall months, moving into the holiday season give me the urge to bake. i made 2 batches of pumpkin spice muffins and chocolate peanut butter brownies in the same day. for no good reason. oh. my. goodness. these are soooo good!!!

MONDAY, october 19th
i made tacos for dinner, and allen gave us some pre-dinner entertainment with the tortillas.

TUESDAY, october 20th
a group of us went to a fairly local christmas tree farm that also hosts some fall acitivities. we decorated pumpkins, walked through a 'crazy maze', fed the farm animals, rode a hay ride (again and again!), and that was just what we did before lunch! we had a fabulous time and the weather was perfect for it. this is a picture of all the kiddos together on the hay ride. best buds.

WEDNESDAY, october 21st
our weekly trip to the library.

THURSDAY, october 22nd
another rehearsal pic; i'm thinking you're gonna get at least one a week. :) you can see the beginnings of the set against the back wall.

FRIDAY, october 23rd
thursday night while i was up at the theatre, allen carved pumpkins with the kids. we put candles in them friday night. daddy did a great job!

SATURDAY, october 24th
a little weekend yard work. time to cut everything down so it can come back thick and pretty in the spring!

have a fantastic week!!!


rita said...

Good food, fall fun, kids books, theatre! Does it get any better than this?
Great jack'o'lanterns!

Elizabeth said...

those peanut butter brownies look amazing... my husband would love them... could you share the recipe?
Your husband did an awesome job carving the pumpkins :-)

Kim said...

You cooking and Allen providing entertainment -- sounds like the makings of a fun new show for the food network! :-)

Great photos this week!

sara said...

great week!

oh, those brownies look amazing...the recipe?

hey, how are you doing on your song? You said earlier that one of them was a bit high for you and you were worried about it. Is it going better?

Dena said...

The brownies look!

I remember when my kids were little. Our weekly trips to the library were such fun.

Daddy did do a great job on the pumpkins.