Saturday, October 17, 2009

project 365, week 42, and the worst car ride home ever...ok, its a toss up.

some of you may have read my post from a few weeks ago when, on my way home from h-town with the kids, molly pee'd in the carseat, which combined with other factors at that moment, was a very traumatic experience for me. i didnt think it could get any worse. but it did. oh, it did.
allens brother and his wife and daugther came down from canada for a visit last week. my kids were both diagnosed with the swine flu mid week, but were thankfully both well for us to head down to h-town on sunday to spend a few days with the family. allen had to stay at church late that night, so he drove in monday morning (this will matter later).
we had a fun week. mimi had a big halloween party complete with themed food, games, and crafts. tuesday we went for a train ride and walked around the zoo for a few hours. the kids were exhausted by tuesday night. allen headed back home, and we all went to bed early.
wednesday morning we got a slow start and had a big breakfast, so instead of our planned activity for the day, mimi took us to walmart so the kids could each pick out a new toy. when we were loading up to leave molly suddenly became very withdrawn and seemingly tired (this was about 10am). she was carried for most of the walmart trip, completely uninterested in choosing a toy, and fell asleep in the car on the way home (11:15am). back at mimis, i didnt particularly want to unload molly just to put her back in the car an hour later, especially if this would involve her waking up and being cranky, so we left her strapped in and i quickly loaded our bags and headed home.
molly woke up around 12:30 right as we were coming into a fairly good size town with decent restaurant options. we stopped at a chilis for a quick bite. molly insisted she wasnt hungry. she had eaten a big breakfast, but i was surprised whe didnt want anything. shes my big eater. she kept complaining of her tummy hurting and then she started telling me she felt like she was going to throw up. i took her to the bathroom probably 4 times and nothing ever came of it. i finally was able to finish my soup and salad and colby was successfully polishing off his corn dog and corn on the cob, when molly starts doing that gaggy cough. back to the restroom we went. i promise you we werent more than 3 feet from the toilet when that big breakfast she had that morning made a second appearance on the floor of the chilis bathroom right inside the door. not a good spot. i'm sure the poor waitress that came in right behind us and stepped in it would agree. i got molly cleaned up, paid the bill and loaded the kids back up for the rest of the trip. molly seemed a bit perkier and she and colby were singing and playing. i though she must have overdone it at mimis. shes fine.
45 min, give or take, from home molly throws up all over herself. i mean she was soaking wet.
we were on a stretch of road where there wasnt anywhere helpful to pull over, so i drove about 10 miles with a screaming vomit soaked 2 year old right behind me.
i found a gas station and got her cleaned up in the parking lot. she rode the rest of the way home in a coverless carseat with only her underwear on. also i had to ask forgiveness for driving almost 20 miles over the speed limit at times, but if she stayed on schedule we would have had one more incident before making it home had i observed the speed limit signs. for that i am sorry. kind of.
oddly enough i was much more graceful with the vomit experience than with the pee experience. i have my theories but i wont bore you with them. just know that, although i came out smelling like vomit in the literal sense, figuratively it was nothing but rosey. :)
she did throw up one more time but it was at 3am on our bedroom floor.
allen took my car to get cleaned out the next day. we stayed home and watched t.v. in our pajamas. i did manage to get some schoolwork done with colby as molly slept till 10am.

as of now everyone is healthy. pray with me that it stays that way! i'm done with sick for awhile.

SUNDAY, october 11th
this is how dorothy rode all the way to mimis. that cant be comfortable.

MONDAY, october 12th
papa's already tired? the party hasnt even started!

TUESDAY, october 13th
colby and riley threw money into the wishing well at the zoo.
colby meant business.

WEDNESDAY, october 14th
a little early morning pajama playtime. this is obviously before molly started feeling bad.

THURSDAY, october 15th
no picture. sorry.

FRIDAY, october 16th
we took a last minute trip to the childrens museum. i call this the bubble wall. so cool.

SATURDAY, october 17th
the best present ever. :)
have a blessed week! stayhealthy!!!!


sara said...

oh you poor thing!!! I think I would think twice about making that trip by myself for a while! ha!

love the picture of your dad sleeping with the cigar hangin out of his mouth..priceless!!! I have one of my mom asleep on a 3 legged stool..and she didn't fall over!!! If I didn't think she'd kill me I would post it, it is hilarious!!!

Kim said...

Trips that go smoothly don't merit a second thought, it's the ones where things go wrong that provide plenty of family folklore (and blog fodder) :-) Glad Molly's feeling better now!

Have a wonderful week -- hopefully free of vomiting children and fevers!

Mama Belle said...

Pics 1 & 2 made me giggle.

Dawn said...

Okay... I give... you now officially beat me on the horrible car ride stories! Ha! Glad everyone is well now and will pray it stays that way.