Saturday, October 3, 2009

project 365, week 40

i have to confess i'm tired and cranky right now. i'm not sure why. maybe hormones. maybe yucky weather.
at any rate, i'm posting my pics and going to bed!

SUNDAY, september 27th
i downloaded a few of the songs i have to sing in ANNIE. the music is a bit too high for me, so i'm trying to get my voice used to it. i know it'll be ok, but i'm a little worried if i'm being honest about it.

MONDAY, september 28th
molly and colby got balloons at the grocery store today and of course molly let hers go and it floated up to out skylight in the kitchen. allen manged to get it down with a paint roller pole and a ladder. i was quite impressed, and molly was grateful.

TUESDAY, september 29th
my friend lauren and i took the kids to the waco zoo today. she has an almost 2 year old daughter, who is getting to the age where she enjoys doing this kind of stuff, and she doesnt need the morning nap anymore, so we're able to do little day trips together. we had a great time. i hadnt taken the kids to the waco zoo since probably may. the weather was perfect for it.

WEDNESDAY, september 30th
tuesday evening was my parents 30th anniversary party. molly woke up in the middle of the night (wednesday a.m.) and threw up. i guess something didnt sit well with her because she was perfectly fine after that. allen gave her a hug before he put her back in bed (we had to bathe her, change the sheets, the whole nine yards), and she fell asleep as soon as her head hit his shoulder, poor thing.

THURSDAY, october 1st
i went to the dress rehearsal of Man of LaMancha at the theatre. it was sooooo good!! i know several people in it, but even putting that aside, the talent was amazing, and the set and light design incredible. i'll hopefully get to see it again before it closes. this picture isnt great, but i didnt want to distract with my flash.

FRIDAY, october 2nd
friday is one of allens long days in the fall. the youth group has parking lot duty on friday nights (we're across from the high school, so we charge $3 to the visiting team to park in our lot and the money goes to youth missions), so allen doesnt come home. molly really wanted to see daddy, so we took our dinner up there and hung out for about an hour. i'm not sure who had more fun, the youth kids or my kids.

SATURDAY, october 3rd
i had rehearsal this afternoon and allen is gone all day for baylor youth day in waco. dinner was mac n cheese. i put broccoli in it to make my self feel like a better mother.

have a great week!!


Anonymous said...

I love my wife!!! Amy, you are the most amazing wife, mommy, and woman of God I have ever known. Thank you for being so strong and consistent. I could not make it with out you. I love you with all my heart!

sara said...

ok, I was about to comment and then read the sweet is that?!!!!

rita said...

OK incredible wife and mom AND blogger, even when you don't feel good.
Blessings on your week, ministry, mothering, singing, and in everything you do!