Friday, October 30, 2009

project 365, week 44

happy birthday colby!! my sweet boy turned 5 on wednesday. i cant believe its been that long; and molly will be 3 next sunday (the 8th). the kids' party is on tuesday (this will probably be the last year of the combined party), and then i'm sure we'll do something for mojo on her big day. colby got gattiland and a trip to the toy store on his birthday. its been quite a week of celebrating. school kind got put on the back burner. we did do a little bit on tuesday and friday, but not the normal amount for the week at all. and then theres halloween. somehow we managed to not go into a sugar coma, so i'd say it was a good week. :)

SUNDAY, october 25th
we went to lunch with our sweet friends the lamberts, then went and got ice cream. i dont know why, but i love this picture. thats april in the back, laughing at something one of our husbands said, i'm sure. they're goofballs.

MONDAY, october 26th
my first ever professional hair coloring. i went darker about a year ago, and have been trying for about 4 months to get it back to as close to natural as i can find in a box. i finally gave up and asked allen if he'd let me spend the money to have it fixed by someone who knows what they're doing. its so nice to have pretty brown hair again.

TUESDAY, october 27th
the pre-birthday toy clean out. making room for whats to come.

WEDNESDAY, october 28th
happy 5th birthday colby tyke! dunkin donuts for breakfast. yum! my mom came and took us to gattiland for lunch and colby got to go shopping for his birthday present. it was a fun afternoon.

THURSDAY, october 29th
mimi and papa came for the day. the kids both got their birthday presents and we went to chuck-e-cheese for lunch. kids' pizza two days in a row. i've had my fill, thanks.

FRIDAY, october 30th
colbys dressing as the tin man for halloween. i couldnt find an axe at a store anywhere that wasnt covered in fake plastic blood. i could have ordered one with his costume, but i thought surely i could find one at a party store for less $$. sooo, i had to cut an axe out of cardboard and spray paint it silver. not too bad.

SATURDAY, october 31st
happy halloween! colby went as the tin man and molly went as dorothy. we went to the churchs fall festival that morning and then i had to go to rehearsal. that evening we went to my granparents house so they could see the kids, and we did our trick or treating in their neighborhood. the kids had a great time this year.

have a fantastic week!!!


sara said...

what a great week!!!

I love the smile on Colby's face and the way he is cutting his eyes while eating the donut!!! Too cute!

When our kids got old enough to want bigger (more pricey) presents, we let them choose a party or a present for their birthday. My 2 introverts always chose the present and my little "otter" always chose the party!!! :)

I turned grey early and I quit coloring my own hair when I once accidentally colored it jet black...ya, I don't look good in jet black!!

Lisa said...

We need to see your "after". My husband would like me to do blond highlights, but I tell him how expensive it is to upkeep!

The kids looked super cute in their costumes...they are at really good ages to be totally in to it.

rita said...

Loved Tin Man and Dorothy!
You are brave to have done your own hair coloring up till now.
Show us your new look.

Dena said...

My kids used to love Chuck E Cheese pizza for their birthday too.

Love the costumes! One of my girls was Dorothy for 2 yrs in a row. Still one of my favorite costumes on her. Very creative on the axe.