Friday, November 13, 2009

JFK, may he rest in peace

we were on the way to my moms house the other day, and colby says
colby: "mommy, how do presidents die?"
me: "well, i guess most of them just get old and die. sometimes they get sick. different people die lots of different ways."
colby: "can you tell me about one of the presidents dying?"
me: "(what on earth????) colby, i'm not sure what you're asking."
after some thought, i remembered several weeks ago we went to the LBJ museum in austin, so of course there was a large section of kennedy stuff. we didnt spend a lot of time in that section, since the kids are so young. i didnt want to try and explain all of that to him yet, but i did mention that a bad man shot president kennedy. so i recall this and think maybe thats what he's talking about.
me: "colby, are you talking about president kennedy? the one who was shot?"
colby: "tell me about him."
me: "(how much is too much....??) we saw some pictures in the museum when we went with evan and ruth. is that who you're talking about? i dont know much about him colby. i wasnt alive yet when that happened."
colby: "what do you know?"
me: "i know that a lot of people really really liked him, but someone who didnt like him shot him and he died. everyone was very sad. you could ask grammie (thats it, put it off on the grandma...sorry mom). she was a little girl when that happened."
colby: "was grammie sad when president kenedidy was shot?"
me: "president kennedy. i dont think she was old enough to really be sad like the adults were." colby: "well, when you told me just know that president kennedy was shot i was very very very very very VERY sad."

i have no words. where do they come up with this stuff??

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