Monday, November 16, 2009

project 365, week 46...or not

so i should be sharing my pictures for the week, except that i dont have any.
well, i have a couple i think, but i dont even have the energy to get myself out of the chair and go get the camera to check.
i'm pretty sure i only got a picture on sunday.
rehearsals have been nuts! i got home just before midnight last night and although i'm off tonight (yay!!!), the rest of the week will be quite similar i'm sure.
the show is coming together on very small pieces. we open friday, so its what we lovingly refer to as hell week, because we only have a handful of times to get it right with costumes, full tech, etc.
the kids are spending the week with allens mom so he gets a break. hes been so fabulous with them while i've been at rehearsals till all hours. (thanks babe!!!)
anyway, i'm sorry for being lame and not having anything of substance to post.
i promise next week will better, even if i have to post a bunch of rehearsal pictures. :)


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sara said...

that's the supportive husband for you! ha!

We will forgive you as long as we get to see some pics from the show eventually....and maybe a small clip!

praying for energy, stamina and health!!!