Sunday, November 22, 2009

project 365, week 47

please remember my warning from last week--that this weeks pictures would pretty much have everything to do with the show.....i was right. mostly.
opening weekend went well. there were a few 'snafus' and some technical difficulties, but we got through it and hopefully got it out of our system so the next 27 shows will be fabulous!! :)

SUNDAY, november 15th
rehearsal....this is ms hannigan, rooster, and lily practicing 'easy street'.

MONDAY, november 16th
today was my memaws birthday. the kids and i went by to say hello and wish her happy birthday. they also helped her blow out her candles and eat her cake. :)

TUESDAY, november 17th
my dance shoes needed to air out. ick.

WEDNESDAY, november 18th
dress rehearsal. a husband of one of the women in the cast came and took pictures of the run through. so...i didnt take this picture, but hey, give me a break. so thats me as grace, obviously with mr warbucks and annie.

THURSDAY, november 19th
the playbill for the show!!

FRIDAY, november 20th
i spent the first part of the day with my mom. the kids are with allens mom this week, so we got to enjoy some mother daughter time. she took me shopping and bought me lunch. so fun!
it was a cold rainy day, and this rain chain (probably not what its called at all) was outside the restaraunt where we ate.

SATURDAY, november 21st
you'd think i'd have all kind of pictures from my opening night, but no. i took this of myself in my car on the way to the theatre. i was literally thinking, 'if i dont take one, now, i wont have one for the day.' glad i did! i dont think my camera came out of my purse again that night!

this week will be normal, and next week i can once again join the land of 365!


sara said...

I am so proud of you!!! and think you did GREAT!

So glad the show is going well...wish I could see it!!

I actually love it when I get time alone with my mom and dad. It is not often that I get to visit them without my family, but when I do it is very special!!!

LuAnn said...

What an exciting time for you. Wish I could be there to see the production !!!!!

Darla said...

i love seeing how much the theatre production took up of your life...i understand that for sure. i don't see my daughter much during rehearsals for shows. i appreciate all the work that goes into these productions and i am glad there are people out there who love to entertain the rest of us!!! so....THANK YOU for keeping it alive! really.