Saturday, November 7, 2009

project 365, week 45

only 7 weeks to go!! this year has passed by so quickly, and i have loved making project 365 a part of it. i dont think i'll be doing it again though. i feel like it has kept me from blogging as much as i would have otherwise, because i always thought 'oh, they'll just hear about it when i blog for 365." i'm definitely glad i did it though, and i may do it again down the road.
i have to share what molly said to allen the other night. for my faithful 365 readers, some of you may remember a few weeks ago when we rescued a turtle from certain death by roadkill. molly randomly started talking about it the other day and was telling allen all about it.
molly: "colby went to put him by the water, but mommy said not too close, so he just put him next to the water, but the turtle was scared so he went in his shell so he wouldnt be scared." imagine this all with no breath inbetween thoughts and without actually pronouncing the "r's."
allen: "the turtle was scared of you?"
molly: (nods)
allen: "would the turtle have been scared of me?"
molly: (nods)
allen: "are you scared of me?"
molly: "nnnooooo. i'm not a turtle."
i love how their minds work. that girl cracks me up.

SUNDAY, november 1st
no picture. booo.

MONDAY, november 2nd
i ordered the kids' birthday cake a few weeks ago at walmart and scheduled for it to be picked up at 5pm today, the night before they're 9am party on tuesday. allen calls me from walmart and says, "the cakes not here. they dont have any record of it." after checking the other walmart in town to make sure i wasnt losing my mind, we came to terms with having to buy an off the shelf pre-fab sheet cake. no, i wasnt going to attemp to make my own. i've been down that road and dont care to visit again. heres our lame birthday cake. colby and molly thought it was fantastic.

TUESDAY, november 3rd
happy birthday party day! we bid on and won a party to jungle java over a year ago; a combination cafe/indoor playscape. fabulous! the bummer was that the gift certificate required we have the party on a monday thru thursday (no weekends). with me having rehearsals in the evenings, that limited us to a morning party. that being said, it was small and we were limited in who we could invite because of it being on a weekday morning. the kids all had a great time, though, and wore themselves out (i.e. a rare afternoon nap!).

WEDNESDAY, november 4th
colby decided he wanted to write a story about his friend zachary. he asked for help spelling the words he didnt know (one, zach, touched), and (obviously) wrote it without help. i am so proud of this kid! he's doing so well with the homeschooling. he just turned 5 a week ago, and he's already reading and writing! sorry, had to brag for a second. :)

THURSDAY, november 5th
dentist appts this morning! colbys been a few times, but this was mollys first visit. some of you may have read my previous entry, where i explained the whole day. basically the dentist told molly she cant use her pacifier anymore, so we took them to the hospital to give them to the newborn babies so they can use them. shes done great! shes asked for it each night, but we remind her where they went, and shes perfectly fine! thank you, Lord, and dr. bain.

FRIDAY, november 6th
colby got a moon sand kit for his birthday. i wouldnt dare let them use it in the house (i avoid messes at all costs), but it was a beautiful day, so they played outside most of the afternoon with the moon sand, sidewalk chalk, etc. i do wish it would get just a little cooler, but the afternoons really have been fantastic!

SATURDAY, november 7th
allens been wanting to clean out the attic for awhile, so today was the big day. we got everything down, and made a throw away pile, a keep pile, and a 'go through and condense' pile, and still have some work to do. we even sold a few things on craigslist and made some money. the kids were adamant about me taking their picture with santa and baby Jesus. i was happy to oblige.


sara said...

what a great week!

I was wondering how the pacifier, or lack of one, was going! So glad that it went so smoothly!

Dena said...

The turtle conversation was too cute. My daughters could probably hold speed records for how fast they talk, so imagining your little one talking with no breath was pretty easy..ha.

Reading and writing already...way to go!!

Oh the giving up of the pacifier. I do remember those days. For one of ours it was fairly easy, but for the others - oy!

Kim said...

I wish blogging had been around when my kids were growing up; I'd have recorded more of their cute sayings like you're doing with yours :-) That was too hilarious about Molly and the turtles! All your photos were great. The last one of the kids with Santa and baby Jesus gave me a chuckle.

You're justifiably proud of Colby -- that's really good for his age!

rita said...

Love your stories and photos.
We took away the pacifier from older son when he was three.
Way to go, Colby, a born writer!
Will there be blogging when he is our age? What will writing look like then?
Little ones 'r'attling on without 'r's reminds me of little granddaughter saying the word co'r'nucopia and then, proud of herself, "That was impwessive."