Saturday, November 28, 2009

project 365, week 48

what a great week! no rehearsals, thanksgiving on thursday, and decorating for christmas on friday. it was a very relaxing, much needed week off.
i didnt get pictures for every day, but i'll post what i got.

SUNDAY, november 22nd
chorus day for me. i'm grace in ten shows and chorus in nine. this is the scene where mr warbucks goes to the radio station to announce that they're looking for annies parents. i'm one of the boylan sisters (i'm in the middle). its a fun scene.

MONDAY, november 23rd
no picture. my mom and i drove to giddings to pick up the kids from mimi and papa.
good to have them home. they were gone almost a week!

TUESDAY, november 24th
my dining room table is normally covered with all my scrapbooking stuff, but i knew i was going to have to clean it off for thanksgiving, so i finished up the stack of pictures i had. i'm still not caught up. i just finished easter '09. one of these days.....

WEDNESDAY, november 25th
clean, clean, clean. i find it odd that i spend ALL DAY cleaning, knowing that the next day my house is going to full of people and get dirty again. here's my spotless dining room table.

THURSDAY, november 26th
happy turkey day!! my facebook status was "today i'm thankful for my family, musical theater, and memaws cornbread dressing." i ate till i felt like i'd explode. soooo good. the kids got to break the wishbone. molly got the big half and when we asked her what she wished for she kept saying, "on a star!" i think she was confused.

FRIDAY, november 27th
we always decorate for christmas the day after thanksgiving. this year was no different. it was a great day!!

SATURDAY, november 28th
family hiking trip. cousin justin went with us. we actually went pretty far considering we had a 3 year old and a 5 year old in tow. i would guess about 2 miles round trip.

today justin asked colby why we celebrate christmas. his response: "cause i love it!!" i guess we need to work on that....
have a blessed week!!


Esthermay said...

Scrapbooking!!!! (...and you're not even from Minnesooota!!) hahaha!
...that is one scarily clean and empty table. :-o Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful.

Love (LOVE!!) that shot of the wishbone. So sweet.

Two miles is aMAzinG with small kids! Looks like a beautiful day.

Have a great week!

Dena said...

I love the look of scrapbooking, I'm just not creative enough to do it so it looks cute like yours. I need to hire someone to do mine...ha.

I LOVE the picture on the wall behind your super clean table.

The wishbone picture is so cute with the tiny hands in it.

Great pictures!

Kim said...

Easter 09 is way ahead of me :-) I've got 30 years worth to catch up on. lol

Love that picture on your wall in the dining room!

You look adorable in your period costume for the play :-)

All great photos, another great week!

Lisa said...

We used to have our tree up the day after Thankagiving, too, but then we started having regular houseguests and it makes it a bit harder.

Wish we could all take a field trip to see one of your are working so hard!

sara said...

loved your week!!!

sounds like the show is going well!

we usually put up our christmas tree the day after too. However, we had a house full of friends so we have to wait....which unfortunately means alyssa won't be able to help this year! :( I am thinking of waiting till she comes back in 2 weeks!

rita said...

You blessed my heart when you described your table full of scrpbkng stuff! That's mine, too. The days I'm totally dedicated to that, we find somewhere else to eat, the kitchen counter, the solarium, wherever, but don't NOBODY touch my stuff.
I'm NOT like you, in that I am lightyears behind--all the years we were on the ship, and then the time settling back into life in America, and having kids, and growing them. Now in retirement, s.l.o.w.l.y I am recovering those lost years.
I am always late with Christmas decorating also.
I love the arts, theatre, oh! May we come see your performance?