Wednesday, December 16, 2009

fun on the moon

colbys getting really good at reading. i'm using "teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons" and we're on lesson 68.
at the end of the lesson theres a very short story to read and a picture that goes with it.
the story today was called 'finding some fun on the moon'.
we read the story and as he reads i ask him comprehensive questions to make sure he understands what he's reading.
so this girl goes to the moon and meets a moon cow who takes her swimming. (don't ask questions, becuause i dont get it either). the last sentence of the story is 'the girl did not tell the other girls that she went swimming with a moon cow.'
i asked colby why he thought she didnt tell her friends.
i was expecting something like, 'becuase she wanted the pool all to herself,' or 'she didnt want anyone else to be friends with the cow.'
i personally would have said, 'because if i told my friends i went swimming on the moon with a space cow, i'd be commited.'
however colbys answer was, "because they would kill him for meat."

guess the moons not so much fun for the cows.

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