Saturday, December 26, 2009

project 365, week 52!!!!!!

this is it! this is the last entry for project 365, 2009. i may actually do an entry with the last 5 days pictures on it, just so its complete.
we had a fantastic christmas. the kids got way too much, as usual, and loved it all. molly actually got tired of opening presents. about half way through the gift wrapping massacre at mimis, she stopped. i had to open the last 4 or 5 things for her.
we changed up some things this year. the presents from 'santa' were to be assembled and unwrapped, sitting under the tree on christmas morning. we didnt realize mollys gift had sooo many tiny pieces, otherwise we probably would have started working on it a little sooner. allen and i were up till 1:30am putting things together and getting everything just right. then, we opened out presents to/from each other, which was nice. i personally enjoyed having that time with him, and getting to enjoy it without 2 preschoolers screeching and running around. that may become a tradition for us, at least until the kids are older.
we spent christmas day in h-town with my inlaws. we had to zip back home the next morning though; i had to be at the theatre by 1pm for the matinee show they added last week. i have 4 more performances in annie, then we're done. it's been a lot of fun, but i dont think i'll be doing the holiday show again, at least not for a few more years.
heres the week in pictures. i might throw in a few extras. :)

SUNDAY, december 20th
when i'm not being grace farrell, i'm the help. these are my friends and fellow maids in the warbucks mansion, jill and michelle.

MONDAY, december 21st
my grandparents came in from east texas to celebrate christmas and come see the show. this is my beautiful grandma.

TUESDAY, december 22nd
a friend of ours had a cookie decorating party. so. much. fun.
each kiddo got 4 cookies and everyone was asked to bring frosting and a topping of some sort. what a great idea! i'm not brave enough to do it though...i dont handle messy very well; especially messy x10 kids. i think there were actually more than that. yikes.
this is colby and his friend savannah at the party; pre-decorating.
on a side note, see the short sleeved shirts? i think it was in the low 70s. we had snow flurries the next day. crazy texas weather.

WEDNESDAY, december 23rd
some of my annie buddies. this is jenny (she's lily, if you're at all familiar with the show). i love her!!! the next pic is me with cody and diego. funny, talented, fabulous people.

THURSDAY, december 24th
merry christmas eve!
molly, colby, adler, and audrey.
the frans clan. molly was so over taking pictures at this point. we exhausted her with the kid picture. although, she wasnt very cooperative for that one either.
christmas pjs from ace the elf!
the yearly DUKE gear. can you tell we're fans!! i'm a fan by default. if allen likes it, i like it.
my big present this year was a red sink for the kitchen! its getting installed this week, and in can not wait! i've wanted one for 3 years, but we've never been able to find one, until now! i also got a gift card to go pick out new fixtures. i will definitely be posting a picture of the finished product.

FRIDAY, december 25th
merry christmas!!!
the kids were so excited to see what mommy and daddy and santa brought them!

SATURDAY, december 26th
this is me and james. he's one of the drakes (the butler) in the cast; william (whos made the 365 run) is the other one.

happy new year!!!!!!


Edie said...

Your kids are adorable!

I love the cookie decorating party idea!

Beautiful sink!

Rich blessings for 2010!

Dawn said...

I love your new sink! Your sweet hubby was kind enough to tell me about the surprise (knowing of our mutual love of red kitchens!) and I was so excited for you. I'll be anxious to see what fixtures you choose and see how the intalled sink/faucet looks. I have to say, I am slightly envious! Ha!

Kim said...

A RED SINK?!?! What a totally cool gift! :-) I can totally understand Molly getting tired of opening gifts -- at that age the attention span is just ready to MOVE ON to other stuff. hahaha Looks like a fabulous week filled with fun family times. Happy to see behind-the-scenes shots of Annie too. Great week!

sara said...

Steve and I always shared our gifts to each other on Christmas eve after the kids went to bed...we actually still do it even with them grown.

love seeing the pictures of you and the cast!!!

you know I love matching PJs!!!

and the red sink.....well that is just awesome!!! Can't wait to see the finished product!!!!

so I know you don't think you will do project 365 next year, but I would love for you to join us when ever you want!!! Just pop in when you have some pictures to share!!

Mama Belle said...

Wait ... you're in "Annie"? How did I miss that?

Your pictures are great. And, I must say, you sure have been faithful with the project. I think I gave up in February or March. Good for you.

rita said...

I loved the picture of you and your grandma! So sweet, and both beautiful! And you are a lovely actress. Great 'big eyes' photo!
We changed things around a bit too this year and were kinda lost on the actual Christmas day. But gotta let go as the family grows and it turned out wonderfully!
All your Christmas photos are adorable.
Look forward to seeing your sink!
Blessings in 2010!

Esthermay said...

Your Grandma IS beautiful!
...unfortunately, I’m not familiar with the show, but I LOVE the expressions in these photos. Priceless.

Molly does look completely overwrought. Poor thing! This is why I-me-only-ME gets to control the camera in this house. I'm just like her. Lol!

RED SINK! Too cool. You may come design my kitchen when you're done with yours.

Great pajamas!!