Saturday, December 12, 2009

project 365, week 50

2 weeks away from the end of 2009!!!
with the exception of stocking stuffers, i am done with my christmas shopping! woo hoo!
we've had a busy weekend so the kids are with mimi. allen and i went to toys r us thursday and got all their gifts. friday we made a trip to ikea and target to get items to redo the kids' rooms. molly got colbys bed, taking her from her crib to a twin bed, and colby now has bunk beds, but the bottom is a full-size bed, so mimi and papa have somewhere to sleep when they come visit.
on our way home from ikea, with my car full of furniture, the drive shaft fell out of my car onto the road!! it goes without saying that we didnt go any further. praise the Lord we have a friend whos a mechanic and was able to fix my car the same day!! its been a crazy weekend of shopping, building, and reorganizing, with some car trouble, 3 'Annie' performances, and 2 christmas parties thrown in for good measure. whew!!
heres the week:

SUNDAY, december 6th
mollys been asking to dress up like mary, which means putting a blanket on her head. she walks aroun dlike this for hours. its adorable.

MONDAY, december 7th
we came hom efrmo the grocery store to ants, ants, and more ants!! they were coming through a crack in the baseboard. i've been fighting a small amount of them for several weeks, but all of a sudden there were hundreds all over the floor, on the counters, everywhere!! we had a visit from terminix the next morning, and they're gone!

TUESDAY, december 8th
cookie baking extravaganza!! i baked 3 different batches of cookies and they were all delicious!

WEDNESDAY, december 9th
i took the kids to toys r us so they could look around and give me some ideas for christmas. mimis getting colby the only thing he's asked for so i had to have something for 'santa' to bring him. when i asked molly what she wanted, she told me, "a dolly, pink, and butterflies."
i took a picture of this playscape to show allen. i would love to get this for the kids, but it would take up our entire backyard and probably require pulling up a tree. that being said, its a good dream to have. :)

THURSDAY, december 10th
after i took the kids to our drop off point, i got right to shopping. i went to pier 1, which i pretty much never shop at. i walked around for about an hour. l-o-v-e- it!! i saw these canvases, and took a picture. i'm hoping to get a few of them (believe, laugh, and home) for christmas (hint, hint, allen) to hang on the wall above the t.v.

FRIDAY, december 11th
allen was having too much fun with the cart at ikea.

SATURDAY, december 12th
the kids new beds!! they dont know we did this, so they'll be surprised when they get home tomorrow. :)

i hope you're having a fabulous christmas season!!!

stay warm!


Kim said...

Wow! What a week. I get tired just reading about it :-) But it sounds like a fun, productive time. Love the new look in the kids' rooms and I'm sure they did too! Maybe you could fit a smaller swingset in the back yard? That does look pretty big. lol Are those peanut butter cookies? I luuuuurve me some p.b. cookies :-) Does the musical continue this week or are you finished?

Have a wonderful week!

Elizabeth said...

What a full week but you got so much accomplished... that is so great.. I love the kids rooms... I would love to go to Ikea someday but its about 2 hours away. Maybe this year we will make it.
Those cookies look really good. My mouth is watering and my stomach is now rumblin.
Have a GREAT week!

sara said...

you did have a busy week!!!

now that my daughter is home, I can start baking cookies!!! those peanut butter ones looked yummy!

my kids had that same bunk bed!! after wrestling to make it up each week, I bought a washable sleeping bag for the one on top to sleep in....much easier to change!!! :)

so impressed that you are done buying Christmas! This is the latest I have ever started and it is stressin me out!

Merry christmas!!!

Darla said...

the new beds look great! i am however, jealous that you are done with the christmas shopping! i haven't even started...sad i know. hope you have a wonderful christmas season.