Sunday, December 6, 2009

project 265, week 49

woo hoo!!! i have a full week of pictures! and they're not all about theatre! even better!!
its beginning to look a lot like christmas. we got the lights up on our house this week, and went to a couple of different christmas parades/strolls in the area.
we pulled ace the elf out on the 1st too. you'll get a picture of him eventually and the story to go with it.

the other day we were picking up toys, and i threw something towards mollys room without even really thinking about it. i tell colby amd molly not to throw toys, so colby looks at me and says, "did you throw that?" i told him that i did and he said, "hmm, looks like you're not getting any presents."

heres the week...

SUNDAY, november 30th
this is william. he is drake the butler in annie. he's come to church with me the past couple weeks and he went to dinner with our family after the service sunday night.

MONDAY, december 1st
i came home late sunday night to a tarantula in a gladware bowl on my kitchen counter. allen had brought him home from the church parking lot that day. i seriously thought about keeping him, but i would have to come up with crickets for him to eat, and i'm not signing on for that. we kept him for a couple days, then let him go. find your own crickets, buddy.

TUESDAY, december 2nd
the weather was yucky, so a trip to the childrens museum seemed logical. leah and i had been several times, but our friend traci had never been with her kids. the 6 kids together had a fabulous time. we were there for 4 hours and still didnt have time to do everything.

WEDNESDAY, december 3rd
allen came home this afternoon with surprise donuts for the kids. with it being the christmas season they had a christmas donut, which just so happened to be colbys favorite color.

THURSDAY, december 4th
we drove to a town about half an hour north of us for their christmas parade. we met our friends the ogrady's there and walked around with them for a bit too. it was a fun evening.

FRIDAY, december 5th
it snowed!!! we got a very small flurry that lasted about half an hour. then it was done and the sun came out. but the kids were really excited for 30 minutes. colby might have even caught a snowflake on his tongue. hahaha.

SATURDAY, december 6th
we went to the christmas stroll in gtwn. i was in the parade with the Annie cast and afterwards the family walked around for a bit, palyed some games, ate lunch, etc before i had to be at the theatre for a pre-show rehearsal.


Kristen squared said...

That tarantula is pretty gross. I would like to know where it came from and how it found its way to the church parking lot! Maybe you should have kept it, your HUGE hissing roaches probably could use the company! =]

sara said...

I am surprised you kept the tarantula in an open bowl....did you know that they can jump? ya, straight up a couple of feet!!

I grew up in AZ and we had them all over. As kids, we would set out to look for them in the evening and grab them with our tongs and have tarantula races....crazy, I know.

looks like you had a very fun week!!!