Saturday, December 19, 2009

project 365, week 51

we are one week away from the end of 2009. that is just crazy to think about, and even crazier is the fact that i have stuck with this for the entire year. i think there was only 1 week that i didnt participate and only a handful of pictures missed along the way.
i hope you've enjoyed this christmas season. i say that now, because next time i post christmas will have come and gone. the kids are both old enough this year to really 'get into' the everything that goes along with the holiday season. giving, getting, baby Jesus, santa, baking cookies, making ornaments, decorating the house, seeing the lights around the neighborhood. its been a lot of fun!
here's the week...

SUNDAY, december 13th
the kids came home today from a weekend at mimis. they come home sunday night to new beds (pictured in last weeks post). i took a picture of their reactions when they walked in and saw them for the first time.

MONDAY, december 14th
i bought molly a little tube of lip gloss at the store today. she does pretty well at not smearing it all over her face. although, i think she gets more on the inside of her mouth than her lips.

TUESDAY, december 15th
pajama day! we stayed in all day and played games, made ornaments, baked cookies, all that christmas-y stuff. these are my favorite pj pants and house shoes.

WEDNESDAY, december 16th
ace the elf. we started the elf on the shelf tradition last year, and its really been a lot of fun. if you've never heard of it, check it out.

THURSDAY, december 17th
a trip to see santa. molly was a little wary at first, but once she saw that he wasnt going to, i dont know, pull her arm off or anything, she was good with it.

FRIDAY, december 18th
william and i were going to take before and after pictures of drake (the butler) and grace (the secretary). this is the before, but then we got into 'show mode' and forgot to take any afters. i need to get on it!! i havent taken any backstage pics since we started the show run!!

SATURDAY, december 19th
yet another pajama day for the kids and i. colby started running fever last night and was kind of a wet noodle all day. we spent most of the afternoon on the floor coloring or watching christmas movies on the couch.


Edie said...

Your kids are adorable! Love the PJ day and their reaction to the new beds!

Dena said...

Great idea to get pics of your kids reactions to their beds. Priceless!

PJ days are some of the best days I had with my kids.

Cute picture with Santa. :)

sara said...

love the reaction pictures to the room. I have been wondering what they thought!!!

PJ days are the best!! enjoy those as much as you can!!!

Great picture with Santa!!!

have a wonderful Christmas!!!!

Lisa said...

Guess its good to be sick last week instead of this one. You must have been thrilled with the kids reactions. Is Annie going into Jan or will you be wrapping it up this year?

My girls can use up a tube of lip gloss in about one day. Guess it tastes good!

Kim said...

So much fun to "see" Christmas through the eyes of our children. Loved the looks on their faces when they saw their new rooms!

I have the same favorite house shoes :-) I'm on my second pair after flat wearing out the first ones.

Pajama days are the best! Sorry that Colby wasn't feeling good; hope he's better!

Have a wonderful, blessed, best ever Christmas!

rita said...

Great ideas: PJ days, elf on shelf!
I treasure the annual grandkids with Santa photos. None this year, however.
Enjoy this week celebrating God with us!

Esthermay said...

Reactions to their bedrooms: priceless!
But they actually look a little scared on Mr. Santa’s lap...

LOVE Pajama Days – We have them M-F often since we homeschool… saves a ton on school clothes Lol…

I do hope everyone is feeling better – Christmas movies = best cure!

Merry Christmas, Amy – and to all your precious family. I’ve really enjoyed the peek into your lives this year in Project 365. Let’s all do it again!