Thursday, January 20, 2011

bedroom guest

for the past several weeks, the kids have been ending up in our room during the night. molly has been ending up in our room since she moved into her big girl bed; not my ideal, but we figure she'll outgrow it eventually. we just keep a pallet on the floor in there, and she wanders in at some point during the night and lays down and goes back to sleep.
a couple months ago colby started coming in during the night too. he doesn't come in as early as molly does, but when we wake up in the morning there's a kid on the floor on either side of the bed.
allen was putting colby to bed tonight and he said
colby: I should just start in your room since that's where I'm going to end up.
allen: this is a great bed! we paid a lot of money for this.
colby: but you and mommy get to be together in your room and im in here by myself. it doesn't make sense.
allen: you have your own room, and that's mine and mommys bedroom cause we're married. one day when you get married you and your wife will have your own room.
colby: oh, now it makes sense!

but whether it makes sense or not, he will still wake up on our bedroom floor.

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