Wednesday, January 5, 2011

getting older

i dont know if this is normal for kids or if its just mine, but the do not want to get older!
it used to bring colby to tears when we'd say things to him like, "when you grow up", or "one day when you're big." he would cry and say
colby: i dont want to get older! i want to stay 5!! (or 4 or whatever age he happened to be at the time).
since he turned 6 in october he doesnt seem to be as bothered by it, but now mollys jumped on the anti-aging bandwagon.
allen had sent her to her room the other day for something and when he went to talk to her about it he said something along the lines of
allen: we punish you, molly, because we love you and we want you to grow up to be a godly yound lady.
molly: well, i'm not going to grow up. i'm going to stay 4.

he also told me that he was putting her to bed a few nights ago and she said
molly: daddy, i dont want to be 5. can you ask God to let me stay 4.
allen: molly, i cant do that. it doesnt work that way.
molly: but you know him!!

she also told my mom last week
molly: grammie, i dont want to have any more birthdays. i want to stay 4, but God keeps giving me all these birthdays! i'm going to have to have a talk with him about that.

so, i dont know how shes going to do it, but that girl is bound and determined to stay 4.

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Dawn said...

Just enjoy it while it lasts! All too soon they want to be older - any age other than what they are.

Be blessed! (And, let me know when you want to do lunch again - I'm even up for a kid friendly place so your kiddos can play.)